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Nutrition Tips For Reversing Kidney Failure – Dr. Corson

How can nutrition assist for preventing and reversing kidney failure?

Dr. Candace Corson answers this question from our Facebook Fan Page

Kidney failure is intently linked with diabetes and in addition hypertension (hypertension). So they key to stopping it usually is to maintain blood strain regular and stop diabetes. This means protecting in a wholesome weight vary and consuming foods that shield your body from irritation!

Dr. Corson shares why nutrition is so essential for general kidney health and a number of the basic items to do to protect your kidneys – including eating plenty of antioxidants from recent fruits, vegetables and berries. Also, avoiding dairy and meat products as a lot as potential will help shield your kidneys as it’s arduous on your kidneys to remove all the surplus protein and toxins from giant amounts of meat and dairy. Be plant robust!

Also, consuming pure filtered water a minimum of eight glasses a day will help your kidneys keep healthy!


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