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Content Writing Basics Information

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Web content writing or SEO copywriting, as you may call it, is a very important task as far as marketing your website is concerned. The rise of SEO, search engine ranking, PPC etc. has increased the importance of content writing even more. There are scores of professional content writers who, with their language skills communication skills are busy writing unique content for their websites.

However the concern rises when a website, irrespective of its apparently high quality content, fails to fetch the expected results. A detailed insight shows that some basics are often missed out. Let me explain some website content writing basics for those who are still striving with content writing, or are worried over your unsatisfactory results.

First of all, write your content with your visitors in mind. Keywords and key phrases are a consideration, but your primary target should be to communicate with your visitors. Visitors will read your content, which should serve as a motivating factor for them to take an action. So, write primarily for your visitors, and it will be search engine friendly automatically.

Step into your visitors’ shoes when writing your content. Try to be clear when communicating your ideas. Content writing isn’t all about what you know about a topic and your English skills, but your communication skills. Make your visitors feel at home when they are reading your content. Even, trying to share a rapport isn’t a bad idea. In short, try to serve as a guide to your visitors, so that whenever they need some information they take resort to you.

Communicating to your visitors is not that difficult if you follow some basic steps: · Use a nicely thought out heading or title. · Break up your content into an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Moreover, provide some commonly occurring examples so that your visitors can relate themselves with the content that you have written. · Be straight forward when presenting your ideas. Subtle hints don’t work in this type of writing. · Use subheadings, bullets, numbering, etc. sufficiently and highlight important words and phrases to help visitors make the most out of your content in a short time. · Try to incorporate facts and figures, case studies, and statistics to make it more appreciable to your visitors. The need should be to first inform your visitors before influencing them to take an action (purchase your products or services). This requires understanding your visitors. Use simple, over exaggerating language, and try to incorporate what I have pointed out, you will surely be able to convert a lot of visitors to dedicated customers.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at Synapse Interactive, a website content writing offering affordable content writing and content writing services for our worldwide clients.

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