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Travel Fit With These 7 Expert Tips from Jens Voigt

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Jens Voigt knows how to prepare for fitness success on the road.

Think you’ve traveled lots recently? When it comes to nations visited, jet lag skilled, and miles logged—not just on wheels but in addition in general distance—I’m in the lead. Don’t consider me? Here’s my journey schedule for the previous yr (word that the majority nations have been visited greater than as soon as):

2 x Australia

3 x Thailand

1 x South Korea

1 x Israel

1 x South Africa

2 x Canada

7 x USA

2 x Denmark

1 x France

2 x Great Britain

1 x Spain

Even extra surprising, that is just travel for work and excludes all family trips. Needless to say, staying fit and healthy while traveling is a difficult matter that’s close to and pricey to me. Here are my professional ideas:

1. Pack Light

You could be considering, “Jens, you’re a professional cyclist, why not just bring your bike?” While I do journey with wheels typically, the additional charges can develop into an expensive headache that may simply prime $3,000 a yr. Some of it you get again, some not. I’ve began to solely pack gadgets that match neatly into my suitcase. Before a talking engagement, trade show, or exhibition, I pack trainers and swim shorts.

2. Ask Key Questions

Next, I vett the situation. When checking right into a lodge, my first questions are all the time:

  1. Where is the health club and the way lengthy does it stay open?
  2. Where is the pool and how long does it stay open?
  3. Do you’ve a sauna and the way lengthy is that open?

three. Stay Flexible

Depending on the local weather and visitors state of affairs within the city I’m visiting, my health program modifications. If I land late within the afternoon or at night time, bike rides are out of the query. Instead, I go for a stroll or city hike underneath city lights, or go for a quick run on the treadmill within the lodge fitness center. If it’s crazy scorching outdoors, I’ll go for a swim. Most importantly, I don’t let excuses get in the best way. If one form of fitness falls by means of, I choose another path.

four. Embrace Your Weakness

We all love doing what involves us naturally—whether that’s operating, skating, or biking—but working on activities that take slightly extra effort is important for progress. I’m a pro on the bike, but water is my weak spot. I swim like a manatee, completely satisfied and sluggish. But, I’m working on enhancing my pace and mastering my stroke. Working on my type and method now’s positive to repay later; I feel I’ve more triathlons in my future.

5. Reframe The Negatives

When traveling, jetlag is my largest enemy. I hate when it hits me in the midst of the workday, and I continually yawn. The feeling of your physique simply eager to shut down as it nonetheless lives in the previous time zone is tough. Instead of utilizing the time change as an excuse to skip a workout, I pencil in my exercises round my sleep habits.

The advantage of jetlag is that I can often wake early enough to get in some good exercise earlier than breakfast. Sometimes this implies getting artistic. If the health club isn’t open at 5 am, I typically use the emergency stairs as my exercise area. Plenty of lodges I frequent have 15 or extra levels. Run those a number of occasions, and you’ll burn a substantial quantity of calories.

Lucky my Fitbit counts the steps and flights of stairs, making it straightforward for me to trace progress. Hitting that 10,000 steps aim pushes me and in addition leaves me feeling glad with my workout—even when I don’t have a brick-and-mortar fitness center.

6. Train For Your Goals

If the health club is open, I do a fast warm-up on the rowing machine to interact all of my muscle mass. Then, I do a whole-body circuit coaching exercise. I primarily make up my own program. I row for 20 minutes, then do biceps and triceps training on machines. I do some shoulder work and, in between sets, I work my core with planks and sit-ups. Depending on my motivation, I do three to 5 rounds.

It’s a simple program, nevertheless it works in the direction of my objective of having a better-balanced body. I’m retired; I don’t need to be the subsequent Schwarzenegger. The upper-body focus is deliberate. I don’t do a lot leg work just because I’m absolutely convinced and assured that my legs shall be ok for the rest of my life. I just want my upper physique to catch up.

7. Find A Way To Explore Actively

Any day with none physical exercise is a misplaced day to me. Keeping my body wholesome helps me to maintain my mind wholesome and clear. It’s a win-win state of affairs. When I journey, I add one other layer of win: I combine sightseeing into my health.

Running or walking in cities is a good way to discover the neighborhood. In reality, one of the first things I examine for in every new city is a course to journey or run. For operating, I want city parks or trails over operating on busy sidewalks. I’ve run in some cool locations like Stanley park in Vancouver, Central Park in New York, Paris operating alongside the Seine River, and the Lumpini in Bangkok. In Seoul there’s a operating path next to the river, and it’s lit up at night time. Running alongside the water is an actual deal with; it provides me peace of thoughts, and makes me calm and completely happy.

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