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One Stretch To Rule Them All: The Brettzel

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The Brettzel is a great full-body stretch.

You can discover many efficient stretches to improve your flexibility and range of movement, but one pretzel-like move stands out for its means to simultaneously work a number of muscle tissues while counteracting the consequences of pounding the pavement: The Brettzel. This single full-body movement—which Gary Cook, a bodily therapist and power and conditioning specialist, named after his colleague Brett Jones—stretches you from ankle to shoulder and, whereas it is probably not the one stretch you need, it is one every runner ought to be doing.

“Most of the time when we discuss stretches or mobility techniques, people focus on one body part or one muscle group,” says Cook. Moves like the Brettzel, he says, truly stretch motion patterns in order that they aim an entire chain of muscle tissues—specifically the anterior chain (aka the front of the physique).

For nearly all of us dwelling in the trendy world, the anterior chain (assume your quads, core, and pecs) is perpetually tight from sitting and reaching ahead. “Most athletes spend too much time crunched and hunched in the upper body and tight through the hips,” says Jay Dicharry, bodily therapist and writer of Running Rewired. While a current give attention to lagging posterior chains has popularized movements like deadlifts, good mornings, and banded walks—which all assist activate “lifeless butts”—the importance of putting a power stability with the entrance half of your body is often ignored. The similar goes for stretching it. That’s the place the Brettzel is available in. “This stretch helps people open up through the torso, shoulders, and hips in one combo move,” says Cook.

Terry Cockburn, yin yoga instructor, private trainer, and coach, says the Brettzel is certainly one of her all-time favorite stretches and a go-to for runners and cyclists. Specifically, she likes how the stretch releases persistent pressure alongside the entrance of the legs and hips. “Additionally, the rotation of the upper body helps open the chest and invites a much-needed twist to the thoracic spine, taking the body in a different plane of movement from the forward momentum generated by running,” she says. Achieve symmetry by integrating this stretch into your cool-down routine a number of occasions every week.

How To Do the Brettzel:
1. Start by mendacity comfortably on your aspect together with your hips and shoulders stacked on prime of each other. Use a foam pad or rolled-up towel for neck help if desired.
2. Bend your prime leg and convey it towards your chest somewhat past 90 degrees and firmly grip it together with your bottom hand. Drive bottom knee down and again, then attain down together with your prime hand and grab that ankle. If it’s too troublesome to seize the ankle, use a towel or strap to carry and pull the leg backwards.
3. Relax and inhale then, whereas exhaling slowly, rotate your prime shoulder again and down toward the bottom.
four. Repeat for five to 10 breaths, rotating decrease each time until your prime shoulder reaches the bottom (or so far as your range of movement allows).
5. Back off your shoulder rotation slightly and check out kicking your bottom leg away out of your handhold, shifting your knee again and growing the decrease physique stretch.
6. Relax your shoulder back down with two to 3 more breaths, then hold in that place for one to 3 minutes. It’s at this point that you simply need to permit your muscle mass to completely chill out and your whole body to soften in form. Let your breath circulate easily and welcome the stillness.
7. Release your palms, roll to the other aspect and repeat the complete sequence.



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