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Welcome to Fitbit’s Guide to Women’s Health!

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Women's Health

Everyone can profit from some primary health schooling, but women particularly have rather a lot to think about. From menstruation to pregnancy to menopause (and all the issues earlier than, past, and in-between), women face unique experiences that significantly affect their physical and psychological health. But simply because these experiences are widespread doesn’t mean they’re simple; women’s bodies may be majorly confusing and downright difficult.

“A woman’s awareness of the intricacies of her complex but amazing physiology is an important step in empowering her to make health-conscious decisions,” says Larry Tiglao, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group in Los Gatos, CA. “Decisions that can influence the growth, health, and ultimately, longevity of her family and community,”.

To enable you to keep knowledgeable and in command of your body, Fitbit teamed up with main women’s health specialists to create instructional articles you gained’t need a medical degree to perceive. Each one incorporates essential information, skilled insights, and professional ideas so you possibly can step up your self-care with the assistance of Fitbit.

Woman looking at her menstrual cycle in the Fitbit app

Your Menstrual Cycle Explained: The Periods Facts You Never Knew You Never Knew

The menstrual cycle is difficult—interval. Even if Aunt Flo has paid you monthly visits for years, you still could also be confused. In this text, specialists break down the fundamentals and reply your prime period questions.



Ovulation, Fertility, and Pregnancy: What It Really Takes To Make a Baby
You in all probability know where babies come from, but have you learnt all the intricacies of ovulation and fertility? Whether you’re making an attempt to conceive or making an attempt not to, this text will aid you better understand your physique and a few of the elements that may affect fertility.


couple discussing an ovulation calculator
Do Ovulation Calculators Actually Work? Get The Facts on Fertility
Every menstrual cycle is totally different—even from month to month. While working together with your physician is the easiest way to plan or forestall being pregnant, getting to know your physique’s pure patterns can present helpful perception. Here are some primary ideas for understanding fertility awareness.


Woman looking at her Fitbit period tracker
Female Health Tracking May Be Key to Keeping All Your Health Goals on Track. Here’s Why
Fitbit helps you log workouts, monitor macros, and enhance your sleep, but did you know you may as well use your account to make sense of your menstrual cycle? Understanding how your cycle can impacts your health may also help you make more informed decisions so you are feeling your greatest all month long.


couple that uses birth control
Pills, IUDs, Patches, and More: Get to Know Your Birth Control Options
Between drugs, patches, rings, and IUDs, you may be feeling just a little misplaced when it comes to decoding contraception. Don’t worry, Fitbit’s obtained your again. Learn primary information concerning the totally different forms of contraception so you’ll be able to really feel prepared to speak via choices together with your physician and make a selection that’s best for you.


woman laughing about exercise-related period myths
4 All-Too-Common Period Myths—Debunked
Is it okay to train during your interval? And what’s the cope with period sex anyway? Separate reality from fiction with this menstrual myth-busting information.  


emergency contraception
Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Contraception
Sometimes life takes sudden turns. But if turning into a father or mother just isn’t in your instant plans, you’ve got choices. Learn how the morning after capsule and the copper IUD can come in useful as emergency contraception.  


Pregnant? Congrats! Here’s What to Expect From Your Period Postpartum
It’s no secret that things change during being pregnant, however have you ever questioned what carrying a baby does to your menstrual cycle? Learn the ways your period can change after child (and why it disappears throughout pregnancy).


Woman reading during PMS
Everything You Need to Know About PMS And How to Cope
If cramps, bloating, and major moodiness all appear to be month-to-month occurrences, you’re not alone. A whole lot of women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS). But in some instances, making the proper way of life tweaks might show you how to higher manage symptoms and get aid.


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! What to Expect During Perimenopause and Menopause
From pimples to unpredictable durations, the signs of menopause could make some women feel like they’re going via puberty once more. Learn extra about this stage of life so you’re ready to apply the perfect self-care attainable when the time comes.

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