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Summer Grilling Season with Field Roast Sausages (Giveaway!)

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*This submit is sponsored by Field Roast

Summer grilling season is here! Sunny days, firefly nights, pink sunsets, swimming swimming pools, lazy afternoons, smoothies, salads and of course: vegan BBQ eats!

Vegans can take pleasure in all of it during summer time BBQ season: veggie burgers, vegan sausages, vegan scorching canine and grill-marked veggies. And veganizing your grill, fairly simply, just feels good from the within out.

Vegan grilling tastes superb because of certainly one of my favorite products: Field Roast’s Grain Meat Sausages. I’m a fan. In reality, I simply realized that I have been buying Field Roast merchandise for shut to ten years now, as a result of I am keen on the flavors, elements and texture so much. I raved about them, here on the blog in 2009.

I routinely stock my fridge with Field Roast sausages and their Frankfurters are my go-to model for vegan scorching canine.

Ahead, take a look at certainly one of my favourite summertime meals! Get a number of ideas for cooking success and enter a giveaway to win a Field Roast sausage sampler pack….

Summer meal: vegan scorching canine. Easy. Flavorful. Family-friendly. Fun! Fast. And totally customizable. And my go-to ‘dog’ is the Frankfurter by Field Roast.

Just add mustard…

Or a bunch of recent toppings:

I really like that these vegan sausages are made in small batches, using recognizable elements with some extent of origin.

Fave vegan sausage toppings:

– pink onions
– diced tomato
– pickles or relish
– leafy greens or pea shoots/sprouts
– sauerkraurt
– cole slaw
– vegan chili + vegan cheese
– mustard
– ketchup
– scorching sauce

What do you’re keen on on your vegan sausages?

Go easy or fancy with your Frankfurters..

“But Kath, I don’t have an outdoor BBQ…” Rest assured fellow city-dwellers, you do not want a fire-loaded BBQ to take pleasure in summer time grilling flavors.

I love to serve my Frankfurters with pickles and ginger beer!..

Field Roast Sausages: The Flavors. Artisan flavors, crafted with the home-cook in mind! I’ve been shopping for Field Roast sausages for many years as a result of they taste superb and make it really easy to flavor-boost your vegan meals. Here are a few of ways I serve the varied flavors.

– Mexican Chipotle – A spicy-hot mix of smoked Chipotle peppers, Chili de arbol, recent chopped garlic, sweet onions seasoned with cumin and oregano.
How I exploit them: I really like slicing these into spicy stews or pasta bowls. Also delicious grilled, served on a bun. I also love this taste paired with vegan Mac ‘n Cheese.
I really like the bold taste of those sausages. They are wealthy and dense and the ingredient profile is so refined and sophisticated!

– Frankfurters – Made using actual elements, including garlic, onions, traditional mix of spices. The most ‘basic’ scorching canine flavor.
How I exploit them: I really like these served on scorching canine buns, piled with toppings.
I simply adore the classic-gone-vegan taste and texture of these.

– Italian Sausage – Made with recent eggplant and packed with fennel, purple wine, garlic and candy peppers.
How I exploit them: I really like these on pizzas or in pasta.
I really like the flavour, jogs my memory of being in Italy and all the delicious flavors and elements in vegan meals over there. Yes, all that in one sausage!

– Smoked Apple Sage Sausage – A savory mixture of apples and sage with Yukon Gold potatoes and a delicate hint of hickory smoke.
How I exploit them: These are my favorite for slicing and sautéing, then serving over prime salad or grain bowls. This is my fave taste to only eat all on their own, with some mustard.
This taste is just dreamy when it comes to interesting taste. Light and smoky, with a touch of sweet from those apples. SO good.

…Any of the flavors taste great on a bun or straight from a grill or skillet.

How to prepare dinner Field Roast Sausages?

– Skillet. Since I would not have quick access to an outside grill, I all the time sauté my sausages in my skillet. I add a drizzle of olive oil to the pan to assist the sausages brown and plump. I really like the charred edges I get on the frankfurters! You can sauté the sausages entire or slice into rounds. Or crumble the sausage to get bits that go nice on pizza, pasta or salads.
– BBQ. The cool thing about these sausages is that they are often cooked using an outside grill – identical to any conventional meat sausage.
– Soup. When including Field Roast sausages to soups, I simply slice or crumble and place right within the broth. They plump up and soften and add SO much taste.
– Microwave. If you’re in a rush, you’ll be able to all the time microwave them for a few minute or so.
– Boiling. Field Roast’s Frankfurters might be boiled, but a number of the other flavors, I have found, are usually not suitable for boiling because the yummy ‘juices’ escape into the boiling water.

You can purchase Field Roast merchandise at Whole Foods and Walmart shops or online at Vegan Essentials.

GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a sampler pack of Field Roast sausages, plus a replica of my e-book 365 Vegan Smoothies..
Rules: USA supply only.

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Kathy Patalsky
Published 05/30/2018
Vegan Frankfurter Hot Dogs

Fresh-chopped toppings and high-quality products like Field Roast Frankfurters, are your direct route to vegan summer time grilling success.


  • scorching dog buns, any selection
  • Field Roast Frankfurters
  • additional virgin olive oil
  • toppings: onion, tomato, pickles, relish, cole slaw, sauerkraut..
  • sauces: mustard, ketchup, scorching sauce…


  1. Skillet technique: Warm a skillet over excessive warmth. Add a drizzle of olive oil to the pan.
  2. Add a number of of the Frankfurters. Allow them to prepare dinner for 1-2 minutes, then roll them slightly. Repeat until all sides are a bit charred and a few darkish brown or blackened. This ought to take round 5 or so minutes.
  3. Warm buns and add Frankfurters. Add desired sauces and toppings over prime. Serve heat.

Yield: 1-6 canine
Prep Time: 00 hrs. 05 mins.

Cook time: 00 hrs. 10 mins.
Total time: 15 mins.
Tags: scorching canine, vegan,summer time grilling, bbq, subject roast, frankfurter, vegan scorching canine, entree, dinner, straightforward,recipe,
Vegan sausages for the win..

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*Disclosure: This submit is sponsored by Field Roast, but all opinions are my very own.

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