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We can all agree that healthy bowel actions make for glad individuals. But until you’re having dinner with a digestive health junkie like me, constipation simply doesn’t make for nice dinner conversation despite it being a very common prevalence, across all life levels.

Breaking the poo taboo

  • According to CDHF, 1 in 4 Canadians has symptoms of constipation.
  • Prevalence charges for women are virtually twice as high as for males in Canada and North America. 
  • Constipation can drastically have an effect on quality of life and productiveness


Too cool for stool

Constipation happens when the muscle contractions within the colon turn into sluggish, inflicting the stool to turn into dry and troublesome to move.  This is often introduced on by inactivity, a scarcity of fibre within the food plan, travel, inadequate water consumption, treatment,  way of life modifications like being pregnant or ageing, illnesses like hypothyroid syndrome or diabetes, laxative abuse or a practical GI dysfunction like IBS. 

Constipation: What’s “normal?”

Most individuals assume constipation has to do with how typically you go, however that isn’t all the time the case. “Normal” can vary from three bowel movements per day to every two days (though a day by day bowel movement is a healthy and completely happy target). Since everyone is totally different, consistency of the stool has shown to be the greatest indicator of intestinal transit time (i.e. how fast/sluggish things are shifting along the GI tract).  

Here are some signs of slower transit time and constipation:

  • The stool is troublesome to move, with straining required
  • The stool is dry, arduous or in separate small lumps somewhat than sausage-formed and clean
  • A sense of “unfinished business”
  • Abdominal fuel, cramping or bloating

Tips to stop constipation

When nature calls, answer.

Body consciousness is vital to good health. Your capacity to tune-in to your physique’s cues and act on what its saying is the distinction between feeling good and feeling nice. So let’s get physique fundamentals right, we could?

Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement is among the largest mistakes individuals make as a result of, over time, it could actually sluggish the movement of food by means of your intestine and trigger constipation. Delaying additionally causes more water to be absorbed from your stool making it dryer and more durable to cross.

If your schedule interferes together with your body’s cue, think about making some modifications. For instance, calming morning routines lend themselves better to wholesome bowel actions than do frantic, rushed mornings.  Consider waking up earlier than the chaos and easing into the morning with a warm tea. You can even get into the routine of making an attempt to “go” 20 or so minutes after you’ve had breakfast. When food enters your stomach it simultaneously moves things along in your lower gut as properly. But if the urge doesn’t come naturally to you, you might have to create the habit, by sitting and ready. 

Tip: For a night bowel motion have my prune and chia jam to go-go or any constipation-relieving foods in the AM. For a morning bowel motion, have it in the PM.

Eat a eating regimen rich in excessive-fibre entire meals

Fibre is an undigestible element of crops that helps to add bulk to our stool. It mops-up water making stool softer and faster to cross. So when you’re coping with constipation, ramping-up the fibre content material in your food regimen is an effective strategy. Sources of fibre embrace recent fruit, greens with their pores and skin, pulses, intact grains (assume oats, quinoa, farro) nuts and seeds. 

Related: Constipation-friendly recipe: Prune and chia jam to go-go.

Some of my favorite foods for constipation relief:

  • Ripe apples or pears (with the pores and skin)
  • Raspberries
  • Green Kiwi 
  • Prunes
  • Swiss chard
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia seeds

Tip: Increase your fibre consumption slowly to offer your intestine micro organism time to adjust to the new load. This will reduce related fuel or discomfort.


Drinking plenty of fluids is essential to make your stool straightforward to move.

Tip: Consider consuming a further glass of water with every excessive-fibre meal and snack of the day.


Stress and nervousness may cause us to delay bowel movements, leading to constipation and can also suppress the reflex that triggers the urge to go. This is why managing continual stress in your life and finding ways to chill out are key to comfortable bowel movements.


My favorite laxative of all…train. Regular motion helps to stimulate intestinal perform and in addition scale back intestinal transit time. The secret is to make it part of your day by day routine. It doesn’t need to be high intensity, simply consistent. Aim for 30 minutes day-after-day.

Sit proper

You can assist your bowel motion for those who assume the appropriate position. Using a squatty potty and even only a small step to prop your ft and elevate your knees can make the world of a distinction. Try it!

Therapeutic choices

When tackling constipation, these way of life modifications should all the time be your first course of action. If nevertheless you’ve carried out all the modifications above and don’t see any progress, there are different relief choices, from bulking agents, to probiotics, to magnesium, to laxatives, but you’ll need to converse to your dietitian or doctor to determine the one greatest fitted to you.

Looking for extra help? Book an appointment with an MN dietitian at the moment, we’d be completely happy to assist!



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