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Hospitality Reminds Us How We Are All Connected

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Growing up, we study from our mother and father the traditions of welcoming family and friends into our houses. As adults, we come to really understand the larger worth of hospitality: The sense of connection and group it fosters. Mark Nepo, writer of MORE TOGETHER THAN ALONE, shares insights into how hospitality reminds us that we belong to each other.

Hospitality helps us keep in mind our bigger residence, the online of relationship and connection, and the Oneness during which we stay. We are likely to overlook these important connections, and once we do, we will wander for a long time, desolate and inconsolable. Mother Teresa witnessed this disconnection her entire life and concluded that “if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Even in our solitude, we need to stay related. The philosopher Hannah Arendt, who survived World War II, declared:

No human life, not even the life of a hermit in nature’s wilderness, is feasible and not using a world which immediately or not directly testifies to the presence of other human beings.

This is why every tribe, tradition, and religious path has rituals and symbols: to assist us keep in mind who we are and the online of relationship we’re part of. An incredible example of a logo ritualized to assist us keep in mind our larger house is using sacred wampum in the Native American custom.

Originating with the Algonquin tribe of the Northeast, the typical wampum belt was about six ft long, containing more than six thousand beads created from white or purple shells gathered from the sea. Wampum was thought-about an help in preserving the oral tradition of the tribe. Each bead contained a tribal reminiscence. The more beads, the more sacred the wampum belt. In essence, it was a narrative belt which preserved the collective reminiscence of the tribe.

The string of sacred wampum was typically held by a speaker to verify that he was talking the reality. This tradition of speaking the truth includes sure guidelines of engagement when listening to one another. To begin with, every must accept the other as they are, placing aside assumptions and expectations; every must accept the other as equal; and each have to be trustworthy, clear, and forthright. What a sound method to face one another.

When the Europeans arrived, they mistook wampum as simple foreign money and by no means inquired into its sacred nature. And without information of our stories, the sanctity is lost and the sacred is lowered to mere foreign money. This occurs each time I objectify you without taking the time to inquire into the private history and which means of what passes via our arms.

We may do nicely in our personal lives to type a bead or gather a shell for each necessary passage we reside by means of. Creating our own wampum belt will give us the power to simply accept one another as we’re, and to speak fact to one another.

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The energy of group can seen all through history. Read how Lorenzo de’ Medici created a brand new world out of loss.


Excerpted from More Together Than Alone by Mark Nepo. Copyright © 2018 by Mark Nepo. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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