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5 Ingredients for a Sensual Life

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natural beautyWhen we get too caught up within the hustle and bustle of this fast-paced world, we will lose our appreciation for the little issues that make us feel good. How can we reclaim it? By specializing in the sensations that convey our bodies pleasure throughout the day. Michaela Boehm, writer of THE WILD WOMAN’S WAY, shares the 5 elements for a sensual life.

See. Hear. Touch. Smell. Taste. These are the five easy elements for a sensual, pleasurable life.

We interact with the world by way of our senses, however typically in trendy life our our bodies respond with irritation or numbness to the overwhelming sensory enter to which we are uncovered.

“See” registers to our nervous system as muddle or extreme pc in circulate; “hear” flinches at loud visitors noise; “touch” becomes irritation, as individuals bump towards us in the subway; “smell” reacts to exhaust fumes and perfumes; and “taste” tolerates quick convenience foods.

When the stimuli are persistently too high, our physique will attempt to slender our sensory perception. Eventually, our nervous system will numb to sensations and solely the “loudest” will register at all.

Lowering sensory aggravation is one obvious technique to feeling more. Developing a stronger nervous system is another. There are practices for each, to help us really feel extra within the second, and to regularly make a way of life change, which you will discover in section IV: “Sacred Practices of the Wild Woman,” pp. 197–236. However, typically life circumstances simply aren’t conducive to quiet, and never everybody can relocate to the serene countryside or a Himalayan cave.

There is a sensual pleasure to feeling one’s physique and interesting in actions that awaken the senses, and it is all the time obtainable to us. We can use everyday life to sensually enliven us and convey us again to feeling and our our bodies.

By bringing lively and acutely aware attention to our five senses all through the day, we practice our body to turn out to be sensually enlivened, and we redirect our sensitivity toward pleasure.


Wherever you’re, discover issues of beauty and joy to take a look at. If you spend constant time in one place, resembling your workplace or a place in your home, you’ll be able to create particular shows that offer you pleasure once you take a look at them. (See part IV: “Sacred Practices of the Wild Woman,” pp. 197–236.) Or you possibly can hunt down and concentrate on anything in your visible area that creates a constructive sensation in your physique. The secret is to give attention to something you take pleasure in slightly than something that disturbs your nervous system.


Get yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones and take heed to recorded sounds of nature or music you take pleasure in on the practice, within the health club, or anyplace else you find applicable. Make playlists that you simply select to offer you sensual pleasure. If you possibly can, discover a quiet place to take a seat and benefit from the peace and give your listening to a break. Or, for those who can go into nature, give attention to the rustling of wind in the timber, birds singing, or the sound of a stream or ocean. Focus on the totally different sounds after which let them melt together and turn out to be like a mild massage.


Feel your world by means of your arms. Touch the totally different textures of your environment consciously and see what sensations they produce. Notice what occurs whenever you wrap your palms around a warm teacup or a glass of ice water. Carry a small, clean stone or ridged shell you’ll be able to touch in your pocket. Caress the fur of an animal and the delicate hair of your baby, and delight in the sensations.


Before you’re taking a chew of your food or a sip of your drink, inhale its scent. As you inhale, think about the scent shifting into your body. Let the odor register, and see how your physique reacts. Wait till you possibly can really feel your body’s response earlier than you eat or drink.


After you’ve got completely enjoyed its scent, take a chew of your food and style it deliberately. Notice the place in your body the taste registers, and any emotions you may feel. Eating is a deeply sensual and emotional act, and the extra you’re smelling and tasting, the higher your relationship together with your food and your physique can be.

For extra sensible rituals and workouts that will help you change between the “go-mode” and “flow-mode” of a trendy lady, decide up a copy of Michaela Boehm’s THE WILD WOMAN’S WAY.


Ready to make a change? Learn how to decide on happiness and reside the life you meant.


Excerpted from The Wild Woman’s Way by Michaela Boehm. Copyright © 2018 by Michaela Boehm. Used by permission of the writer. All rights reserved.

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