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5 Moves to Combat Runner’s Tightness

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Combat running tightness with five movements to loosen your hip flexors.

If your New Year’s resolution was to ramp up your weekly runs, you’re in good company. But with a rise in mileage comes an elevated danger in runner’s tightness, or a rigidity in the hip flexor muscle tissues, situated in the front of hip.

This is particularly true for people who run on a treadmill, says Ashley Borden, a star fitness trainer in Los Angeles. “Whereas outdoor runners tend to propel themselves forward using their hamstring muscles, indoor runners rely more on their hip muscles to keep up with the electronic moving belt,” she says.

And even informal exercisers aren’t immune to too-tight hip muscle tissue—especially those that sit at a desk all day. “People’s hip flexors are often tight from inactivity even more so than running,” says Borden.

Ready to open up? Here are five exercises that may assist loosen your hip flexors and chase away hip muscle tightness. Here are five exercises to assist reset your physique—out of your hamstrings and calves to your back and groin.

Downward canine


1. Start in a high plank.

2. Tuck your toes underneath your ft and push your physique upwards, lifting your hips up and back toward the ceiling and decreasing your head between the shoulders. (Your physique should type a triangle with the mat.) Hold the place for 30 seconds.

Forward fold


1.Start in a standing position together with your ft collectively and your arms on your hips.

2. Take a deep breath, then exhale, bending ahead at the hip till your fingertips touch the mat and your head is in front of your knees. Hold the position for 30 seconds. If you don’t have that mobility, and tight hamstrings are stopping you from going that deep, convey your palms to your shins, your calves, or to the backs of your knees.

3.To return to the starting position, place your palms in your hips, take a deep breath, and raise (don’t spherical) your torso until you’re standing upright again.

Runner’s lunge


1. From a standing place, bend ahead and touch the mat with both arms. Then, take one giant step back with the ball of your right foot, protecting your heel off the bottom. If you’re hamstrings are tight or your having hassle balancing, rest your again knee on the mat.

2. Lower your body your left knee is above your ankle, forming a 90-degree angle with the mat. Your torso must be parallel together with your left thigh.

3. Hold for 30 seconds, then return your right foot to the beginning position and repeat with the left leg.

Upward canine


1. Lie face-down on a mat, together with your palms positioned firmly on the ground at about waist-level.

2. With the tops of your ft flat on the ground, hold your shoulders immediately over your wrists and your chest forward.

3. Push your body up till your torso and legs are hovering a number of inches above the floor. Hold the pose for 30 seconds, then decrease your physique to the ground. If lifting your torso and thighs causes discomfort, attempt doing this move on your knees.

Dolphin pose


1. Begin on all fours, together with your knees positioned beneath your hips, and your elbows placed beneath your shoulders.

2. Curl your toes underneath your ft and push your hips up towards the ceiling, decreasing your head between your shoulders.

3. Hold the position for 30 seconds, then decrease your knees to ret

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