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My 5 Steps To Meal Prepping 

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Are you prepared to leap into meal prepping? I’m celebrating National Nutrition Month by supplying you with my tips, tips, and recipes for healthy, successful meal prepping, But before you get started, there are 5 necessary steps to remember.

1) Choose when to prep

Select which one or two days of the week you’re planning on prepping. Because my youngsters have a busy schedule on the weekends, I often cut up my meal prepping over the course of a few hours between Sundays and Wednesdays

2) Decide which meals to prep

Plan out your recipes for the week using the meal plans in my cookbook or recipes you discover online. I wish to differ my protein, entire grain, vegetable, dairy, and fruit decisions to ensure that we’re consuming a wide variety of vitamins. At the same time, nevertheless, try to discover recipes or meal plans that use comparable components to economize and reduce food waste. For example, in case you have broccoli in an egg dish, plan to make use of the remainder of the broccoli for lunch or dinner one other day that week.

3) Go food buying

Before you head to the shop, make an inventory of all of the elements you need and examine your kitchen to see what you may have already got available. Categorize the components it’s essential to purchase by grouping comparable elements collectively. I wish to group all the produce, packaged goods, and frozen gadgets collectively, for example.

4) Prep and Cook

In both of my cookbooks, I recommend the order during which you need to make every recipe. I wish to start with the recipes that may take the longest such because the sluggish cooker or longer-cooking recipes. That means, you possibly can multitask and prep other recipes whereas these are cooking. Shorter recipes, like dressings or straightforward sides, depart for down-times while other recipes are ending cooking.

5) Portion and Pack

All meal preps end with portioning and packing as a way to simply grab and go. In common, I wish to pack each container with ¼ protein, ¼ entire grains, and ½ fruits or greens. Meals could be packed in several sorts of containers–keep tuned to see my favorites coming quickly!

Looking for much more details on my 5 step strategy to meal prepping? My Smart Meal Prep for Beginners cookbook goes into much more detail on these 5 steps!


I really like listening to your ideas and what has worked or hasn’t labored for you. So TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS: What are your greatest tips for getting meal prep executed in any or all the steps above?




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