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How Much Do You Need to Hydrate to Go the Distance? – Women’s Running

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Fine-tune your electrolyte wants on your subsequent race.

Electrolytes, like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, are electrically charged particles which, when dissolved in water, produce charged ions. These ions allow the circulate of electrical alerts all through the physique. Electrolytes personal many roles, reminiscent of serving to to keep fluid stability, coronary heart rhythm and the functioning of muscle and nerve cells.

As a consequence of sweating, you lose water and electrolytes. In certain conditions, corresponding to in endurance events, high-intensity exercise and training or racing in a scorching surroundings, extreme sweat losses can sabotage efficiency and health due to extreme electrolyte and fluid imbalances.

Electrolyte and fluid imbalance symptoms embrace dizziness, muscle weak spot, decreased urine output, darkish urine, fatigue, nausea, irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, respiration difficulties, stiff joints and dry skin. Although a regular sweat check might help you identify fluid losses, it can be difficult to decide your personalised electrolyte wants. To be sure that you get sufficient, however not too much, of electrolytes, comply with these tips:

5K (up to 45 minutes): No sport drink essential. Go into the race hydrated and fueled.

10Okay (up to 90 minutes): A sport drink “mouth rinse” (swish and spit) might increase reward facilities in the mind. Otherwise, water is advisable, electrolytes not required. Be positive to go into the race well-hydrated and fueled.

Half marathon and marathon (3+ hours): A sport drink or gel/power chew + water combo. For every 20 minutes of operating goal for:
100–250 mg sodium
8 ouncesfluid
10 g carbohydrates
Take a sip/swig of your sport nutrition product every 10–15 minutes.

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