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3 Pro Tricks for a Good Night’s Sleep

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So much has been written concerning the importance of getting a good night time’s sleep, so what can an athlete probably add? Plenty. Like most athletes, I measure and monitor my vitals intently to help optimize efficiency. Sleep is not any exception. By utilizing my Fitbit to quantify sleep metrics, I’ve been capable of attempt new methods to enhance the quality of my slumber. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

Let’s start with the essential stuff. Of course it’s necessary to ensure that your sleeping quarters are darkish and quiet — that’s a given. Another recognized tip: unplug and try to avoid screens for at the least an hour before mattress. Why? Studies have found that the blue mild these units emit can disrupt the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycle.

Now that you simply’ve acquired the fundamentals down, get ready so as to add these skilled tips to your routine to catch better Z’s at night time and wake rested and refreshed:

1. Use The “Countdown” Method

We’re bombarded with a lot stimulation throughout the day that it’s arduous not to carry these burdens with us at night time. To help put yourself to sleep, attempt counting down from fifty. Focus solely on the counting. If your thoughts wanders, as it can, come again to the countdown. It takes some mental discipline to remain targeted, but doing so is a great approach to reclaim the notion of doing one factor at a time. Make time for the countdown. I not often get under thirty earlier than falling asleep. Give it a go!

2.  Repurpose Your Running Gear

Drape a operating arm sleeve over your eyes to assist hold the sunshine out. I’ve tried many eyeshades to create blackout circumstances but really feel like they’re restrictive and binding. Instead, I exploit a black arm sleeve from Zensah. I simply cover it over my eyes and it does the trick without feeling like one thing is clinging to my noggin.

3. Prioritize Proper Bedding

Keeping your physique cool and cozy is essential for a good night time’s relaxation. In reality, in line with the National Sleep Foundation, the perfect temperature for sleep is somewhere between 60 and 67 levels fahrenheit. Sheets can make all the distinction. Find bedding that retains you dry and funky. Personally, I really like Sheex Performance Bedding.Their wares aren’t low cost, but staying cool and dry at night time is value each penny.

I hope you discover these recommendations completely sleep inducing. Try them and see. Fifty, forty-nine, forty-eight…

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