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World’s Strongest Man – Nutrition Tips From Thor Bjornsson’s Coach

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Have you ever questioned what Brian Shaw eats? Or what the Eddie Hall food plan appears like? How concerning the Thor Bjornsson food regimen??

Or climate the worlds strongest man or hafthor bjornsson coach places numerous thought into the energy his athletes eat?

Does he assume all calories are created equal? Think no more as a result of right now we spoke with Sebastian Oreb, Australian Powerlifting champion and coach to The Mountain himself, Hafthor Bjornsson … 2018 worlds strongest man.

In this insightful video Sebastian (Australian Strength Coach) reveals exactly what you have to eat to take care of the physique and performance of the worlds strongest man and Australia’s most successful powerlifter.

According to Seb these guys are recognized to eat upwards of 12000 energy per day! What does 12000 calories appear to be? And if there’s a really perfect strongman weight-reduction plan for rookies, what does that appear to be?

We additionally asked if there was such factor as a strongman food regimen on a price range?? And even … the optimal powerlifting calorie consumption and, is powerlifting healthy in any respect?

Apparently not … or at the least not ideally! Wait until you hear how a lot Thor spends each week on food!! The value is thoughts blowing …

Watch to the top for some nice nutrition tips and the answer to the query … exactly what number of calories does the mountain eat?

Please be happy to succeed in out and tell us what you want us to create subsequent within the comments section … also please let us know the way you go together with your rehab. We recognize your help and time!

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