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Smoothie FAQ’s + a recipe

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I proudly contemplate myself a smoothie professional at this level in my food career. Smoothies are one of the first recipes that I really liked creating and sharing here on the weblog. And then I in fact spent many months creating and taste-testing smoothies and making an attempt out new methods and elements whereas writing my guide 365 Vegan Smoothies. Seriously, if you would like some in depth tips and tips and ingredient information – principally every thing about smoothies – snag a copy of that guide. Oh and did I mention it has 365 recipes? You won’t get bored!

So at the moment I needed to update an previous submit. My Smoothie FAQ’s. These are all of the steadily asked questions I have acquired through the years with regard to smoothies. And please when you’ve got any extra, ship them my approach and I’ll do my greatest so as to add to this listing! Plus, one in every of my fave Blueberry Acai smoothie recipes on the end of this publish…

Good ol’ Google seek for some smoothie query enjoyable…

..And simply to be clear, smoothies are (often) not “bad for you,” they definitely might make you poop (fiber, guys…) and for my part a good smoothie beats a basic milkshake any day! Because vegan milkshakes to me, could be made as healthy smoothies, so. I get to more of your burning smoothie questions under!..

Smoothie FAQ’s

Q: Are Fruit Smoothies Good For Me?
A: Yes! But type’ve. But so much sure! So ‘fruit smoothies’ are available all sizes and shapes. The common fruit smoothie is incredibly healthy. Packed with antioxidants, fiber, minerals, hydration and phytochemicals. However, things can take a downturn in healthfulness for two primary causes:

1. You or the ‘smoothie store’ provides in a lot of ice cream, sherbet or sorbet. Some of the large smoothie chains use frozen yogurt, ice cream, sherbet and more to make their smoothies candy and frosty. Those issues are usually not ‘dangerous’ for you (I don’t actually consider in good or dangerous meals) however they may add a ton of empty calories, sugar and not likely add any great things. In reality, since two scoops of sorbet will make your smoothie much less healthy as a result of it takes the place of a lot of excellent options – like just adding more fruit, nuts, seeds, liquid. As someone who used to work at a massive smoothie shop, I undoubtedly can see how a smoothie made utilizing two big scoops of ice cream might get a dangerous status. Easily solved at residence or on the go – nix the ice cream/sorbet and just add extra fruit!

2. The other purpose a smoothie might be lower than healthy is just in case you are including too many carbs and not balancing issues out with healthy fat and fiber. For instance, in case you are making a smoothie with principally fruit juice and simply a bit of entire fruit and no fats or protein to stability issues out, you possibly can end up with simply a very excessive carb drink. Not dangerous, simply not as healthy as it could possibly be.

So sure, there have been a few information articles that say smoothies will not be healthy. But a smoothie is all about what you set into it! Fill it with healthy components and you will come out on prime. Plants, entire meals like nuts and seeds, superfoods, yes please.

Q: How to Add Healthy Fats?
A: Easy!
Avocado, peanut butter, almond butter, solar butter, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut, Brazil nuts, walnuts… you get the thought, sure?

Q: How do I Get My Smoothie to a Thick Texture?
A: Tools and ingredient tips! First off, having a high-speed blender is vital to crafting the creamiest, smoothest smoothie. One that has the likelihood for being each completely blended AND thick and creamy.

As for components, you need to have 1) sufficient healthy fats to provide your smoothie some physique. 2) Use a larger ratio of frozen elements to recent. So utilizing frozen bananas as an alternative of recent will really assist. Using less liquid and more frozen components may even assist. Keeping the temperature cool enough to carry some body and that signature swirl at the bottom of your blender.

When all else fails, add a handful of ice. It may water down the flavour a bit, however it should aide in maintaining issues thick.

My favorite components for thick and frosty, virtually ice cream like texture are…

Frozen bananas and frozen melon. Yup! Frozen melon (watermelon, cantaloupe and more) are my tremendous secret ingredient for getting a unique and lovable texture. And watermelon truly works rather well in a variety of smoothies due to it’s considerably neutral sweet taste. And frozen bananas are principally the gold commonplace for creamy, thick smoothie texture.

One more ingredient that helps: Medjool Dates! I discover that little bit of sticky, fiber-rich date adds some body to my thick smoothies.

Q: When Should I Freeze Bananas for Smoothies?
A: Almost black speckled… My choice is to freeze them when they are nice and ripe, but not too black-speckled or ‘mushy’ yet. Maybe one or two black spots. I don’t like them too ripe as a result of although they’ve extra sweetness, the feel will get a bit mushy and the flavor ripens up too to the place to banana taste turns into very pronounced.

Q: Do I Have to Add Ice?
A: Nope! Ice is nearly all the time optionally available in a smoothie. The perform of ice is to cool off your mix a bit and add some frostiness. This might be particularly useful if nearly all of your components are NOT frozen. Such as utilizing a lot of recent fruit or veggies. When I do inexperienced smoothies with principally room temperature or non-frozen elements I will all the time add a little bit of ice for that cool chill and a little bit of frostiness.

The only time it is advisable to be careful with ice is whether it is making your smoothie too frosty and even too thick – like a slushie. Or if it is watering down the flavors too much.

A fun trick is to make coconut water or fruit juice – or vegan milk – ice cubes! This allows you to hold the ice half, however not lose any taste.

Q: When Should I Eat a Smoothie?
A: Anytime! Really. Unless you’re about to swim ten miles or run a marathon, a smoothie is often a great meal or snack for any hour.

I really like smoothies for lunch. But I also love them at breakfast. Sometimes I have an odd longing for a huge topping-loaded smoothie bowl for dinner! Or whilst an after-dinner deal with.

You do need to be certain that your smoothie is not making you are feeling bloated – watch your serving measurement if that’s a drawback for you. And you additionally need to be sure to do not get chilly from it! In the lifeless of winter, proper before going out to shovel snow… in all probability not the perfect smoothie time. But basically, smoothies are an anytime treat/snack/meal/sip!

Q: What is a Yummy Dessert Smoothie?
A: So many.. I feel a rich and creamy chocolate smoothie is probably the preferred dessert smoothie. I’ve a killer recipe in my ebook too.. The “i heart chocolate shake, pg 225” But almond butter banana with cinnamon can also be good. Or even one thing with crushed cookies blended in or cacao or chocolate chips. Using a lot of frozen bananas is often a great concept to make your smoothie creamy and sweet. Medjool dates are another great pure sweetener.

Q: Should I Add Protein Powder?
A: Maybe! Adding a protein, superfood or practical powder to your smoothie is completely as much as you. It will alter the flavour and texture – so maintain that in mind. In basic the ‘plain’ or non-flavored varieties are the safest if you don’t need your smoothie interrupted too much. But there are plenty of flavored varieties to attempt. Chocolate, vanilla, berry, peanut butter and lots of more. I tend to decide on vanilla most actually because it often works properly in banana-based smoothies. But chocolate may be enjoyable too. Adding protein or superfood powders is a great solution to easily turn your smoothie up a notch – nutritionally – and actually make your smoothie a meal!

Q: What About Toppings?
A: Go for it. Toppings may be added to any smoothie. I like them since you get a bit of texture and chew motion. Chewing can truly help digestion since it initiates the digestive process to “chew” something. You might add a few recent fruit pieces or slices, nuts, seeds, granola and even crushed cookies!

My absolute favourite smoothie topping is sprouted spicy pumpkin seeds. I really like that touch of salt and savoriness paired with my candy smoothie.

Q: How Do You Make a Green Smoothie Taste Good?
A: Easy! Ok, not tremendous straightforward, but yes it can be achieved! So when crafting a inexperienced smoothie, you need to take into consideration what tastes and textures you often like. If you often like sweetish smoothies, go for sweet green flavors. Add in inexperienced grapes, sliced apple, pear, citrus, dates. Any fruit that is candy, but won’t mess with the colour too much. I am all about my inexperienced smoothies retaining their pretty vibrant green colour!

If you really just love creamy smoothies. Add issues like avocado, nuts, seeds, creamy plant milk and extra. All my fave plant milks here in my Plant Milk Review.

For me, just a touch of sweetness really helps a green smoothie. A number of Medjool dates. Or a handful of green grapes. Or utilizing half orange juice instead of plant milk. These are all ideas so that you can play with. Or you possibly can do this candy inexperienced recipe here. I also have loads of sweet inexperienced smoothies in both 365 Vegan Smoothies and FVMeals.

Q: What Are Some Unique Ingredients to Try?
A: I really like distinctive components! Try chia seeds, rolled oats, lemon or lime zest, spices like cinnamon or cayenne, sea salt to distinction sweet flavors, matcha inexperienced tea, frozen melon (my fave), pitaya (pink!!), coconut meat, frozen cherries, hemp seeds, avocado, silken tofu, uncooked ginger, molasses… Those are simply off the highest of my head. It’s fun to place tiny accents on previous fave recipes. What are a few of your oddball smoothie elements???

Q: Smoothies Make Me Cold, Can You Help?
A: Yes! Smoothies can effect your warmth consolation degree pretty shortly. A large frosty smoothie can truly make you are feeling chilly! Which is strictly why smoothies taste additional good on a scorching day. But if the coolness issue is not for you, you possibly can easily use less frozen components in your smoothie and omit any ice.

So an instance of a non-frozen smoothie is perhaps: almond milk, walnuts, recent blueberries, recent banana. Easy.

And in case you actually simply can’t do the smoothie chill – perhaps in winter – you will get into mixing up scorching soups! My fave is this sweet potato soup.

Q: How Long Will a Smoothie Last within the Fridge?
A: If you need to make a smoothie and eat it later, I might advise a few issues. Use much less frozen ingredient and no ice. Basically, the water in ice and frozen fruit tends to soften and also you get a separated, water mess.

So the most effective make-ahead smoothies are often minimally frosty and have a greater fat content and are very nicely blended. It can also be a good concept to use less fiber. What I mean by that is that a nice make-ahead smoothie may include plant milk, nut butter, coconut, Medjool Dates, protein powder… Something that can be creamy and rich fairly than fruity and frosty.

I often drink my smoothies instantly, but if I do make it forward, I’ll drink it inside 24 hours.

Q: Are Smoothies Good for Weight Loss?
A: Possibly, I feel smoothies can undoubtedly show you how to lose weight in case you are making an attempt to take action. They pack FIBER and loads of nutrient dense meals like veggies, nuts, seeds, plant milk. And that fiber will help hold you are feeling full longer. Along with fiber, I all the time like to add healthy fats to my smoothies.

Eating extra crops basically is a great tool for weight loss.

But like all wellness habits, sustaining a healthy weight stems from a number of issues. What you eat, how much you progress, how you cope with stress, how much sleep you’re getting and how your mental health is. Above all, your weight must be about feeling your greatest from the inside out. And if smoothies fit into your healthy way of life to get you there – completely embrace them. I personally assume everyone would benefit from adding vegan smoothies to their day by day routine.

Q: Are Smoothies Better Than Juicing?
A: Not actually, however type’ve. I will all the time argue that smoothies are a more healthy every day habit than juicing simply because you are getting that fiber that you simply need to feel glad. You are additionally getting a stability of fat, protein and carbs – not simply principally carbs as you do with juice.

However! I’m a large fan of juicing. Especially juicing veggies. Vegetables like celery, cucumber, beets, ginger, even kale could be juiced. I have yet to seek out a celery smoothie available on the market, but you’ll be able to easily eat a whole bunch of celery in one chug with celery juice.

So it actually depends upon what your objectives are. If you just need to eat a giant number of veggies/fruits very quickly and do not care much for the fiber, then juicing is nice. But for a extra well-rounded meal, smoothies to me, are king.

I feel that adding both to your life is a great transfer!

Q: Do I Need to Use Organic Fruit + Veggies?
A: No. You definitely wouldn’t have to use natural, but I might advise it when shopping for any of the ‘soiled dozen’ gadgets of produce. Fruits and veggies the place the pores and skin is consumed. Berries, apples, peaches, leafy greens. You can get away with non-organic bananas and avocados and citrus, but really natural isn’t just great for us, it’s a great choice for the planet. So I wish to all the time try to buy natural due to that purpose.

Organic does are typically costlier, so select it carefully if want be. And when you do buy non-organic produce, – and even for those who do – a fruit and veggie spray is a great strategy to increase the rinse before you eat your gadgets. Obviously you can’t ‘wash’ frozen fruit though.

Don’t let non-organic maintain you from choosing a smoothie over one thing much less healthy although!

Q: Smoothies Make Me Feel Bloated, How Do I Help That?
A: A couple of issues… First off, attempt decreasing the amount that you simply drink.
Second, you possibly can attempt mixing for a longer time period to get more air out of the mix. A better velocity can break up air bubbles within the blend. Using a bit more liquid might additionally assist that.

But really, my primary aide for once I really feel like a smoothie may make me bloated is to eat it with something I can chew. A aspect of avocado toast, or almond butter toast. Granola or seeds or nuts on prime. For me, that often helps.

Your digestive system may additionally just be reacting to the quantity of fiber you’re consuming directly! I hear this a lot when individuals go vegan or start consuming a lot of massive salads, legumes and veggies. It can take some time on your digestive system to get used to a lot of fiber.

Food combining might be one other issue. I personally would not have points with smoothies and components, however some individuals have expressed not with the ability to eat melon of their smoothies. Or they don’t do nicely combining fruit and veggies. If this is you, take heed to your physique and make smoothies that make you are feeling your greatest.

Q: What is the Healthiest Smoothie you Can Make?
A: The smoothie that you simply truly love and make many times! Seriously, discovering a smoothie you’re keen on and truly making it is your greatest guess. Obviously be sure that your fave recipe has good-for-you qualities.

For me, the healthiest smoothies are all about stability and shade! Those pigments are the place the phytochemicals lie, so bringing shade to your smoothie is so necessary. Using the pores and skin and seeds of fruits (like easily achieved in berries) is likely one of the healthiest fruits you should use. As for veggies, pigments in fact are still essential, but you need to hold things scrumptious – so again stability.

You need to stability fats with carbs with a protein. And by stability I mean, have no less than a little little bit of all three. Healthy fats is a key one as a result of your smoothie will satisfy your starvation longer and not trigger a sugar/carb rush.

Some of my fave healthy components embrace: wild blueberries, acai, bananas, nuts and seeds, nut butters, spinach and kale, matcha, cacao powder, plant-milks, acai and pitaya.

So whether you’re building a sweet green veggie + fruit smoothie or crafting a rich and creamy wild blueberry shake, be sure to like it and use as many entire plant meals as you’ll be able to, and check out for a little bit of protein and healthy fats along with carbs.

For fats, I really like nuts and seeds.
For protein, I really like pea or soy based mostly milks. You can even supplement with protein powders.

And that smoothie recipe I promised…

Kathy Patalsky

Published 06/05/2019

Blueberry Acai Smoothie

This candy and creamy blueberry smoothie is accented with antioxidant-rich acai. Dairy free and vegan.


  • 1 cup non-dairy milk, plain
  • 1 frozen acai smoothie pack, unsweetened
  • 1 cup wild blueberries, frozen
  • 5-10 Brazil nuts or walnuts
  • 1-2 Medjool dates, pitted
  • 1 frozen banana
  • ice, optionally available for texture


  1. Add the plant milk, dates and nuts to a blender. Blend until clean.
  2. Add within the acai, berries and banana. Add elective ice. Blend until creamy.
  3. Serve!

Yield: 1-2 servings

Prep Time: 00 hrs. 01 mins.

Cook time: 00 hrs. 05 minutes.

Total time: 6 mins.


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And listed here are a bunch of my archived questions….

Q: Why do you employ coconut water ice cubes?
A: I like to substitute plain previous tap water ice cubes with coconut water ice cubes. I all the time have some available in my freezer – plus making cw cubes is a good way to make use of up the last sips of leftover cw bottles and tetra paks. Why do I do it? Well I am keen on coconut water for the delicate flavor and the nutritional advantages – so I attempt to add it in anyplace I can. Coconut water ice cubes is a sensible smoothie tip to sneak coconut water into you smoothie glass without merely watering it down. You do not have to make use of the coconut water cubes – but if in case you have some around, they mesh nicely in nearly any smoothie recipe! See my Coconut water ice cubes submit right here.

Q: What’s the difference between non-dairy milks (soy, almond, hemp, and so forth) for smoothies?
A: I really like my good previous standby of soymilk. I particularly like vanilla soymilk in fruit smoothies. Soy Dream is a delicious brand. But my subsequent selection for a non-dairy creamy beverage is hemp milk. I am keen on hemp milk – however quite frankly I don’t all the time have it available. Next up can be almond milk. And lastly I might attempt rice milk. But rice milk is probably my least favourite milk to use in smoothies – just because it lacks a wealthy creaminess in its texture.

Q: Why do you specify recent vs frozen fruit?
A: Simple, it’s all about taste and texture. Fresh fruit is incredibly delicate and filled with taste! But it really does not maintain up by itself if you need a thick, frosty smoothie.

I often mix a little little bit of recent fruit (for recent bold fruit taste) with a nice increase of frozen fruit for texture and a milder fruit flavor. Fresh fruit often has a bolder flavor which could be very interesting. And as I say in my 20 smoothie tips, all the time add recent fruit final in the mixing process, so that you don’t over-mush the style and texture of it.

Q: What’s the distinction in sweeteners for smoothies?
A: Some options embrace Medjool Dates, agave, maple syrup and of course elements like bananas, fruit juice and other candy fruits. Typically a fruit smoothie could have sufficient sweetness all on it’s personal!

Q: Why do you add in little bits of random elements?
A: Sometimes I am going to add in a splash of lemon juice, a grind of ginger, a sprinkle of cayenne and so on. But these are the little touches that make smoothies private and unique – and cravable! No, you don’t have to add the little accents of cayenne, cashews, flax seeds, coconut or grind of ginger to your smoothie – but when you’ve got the components and need to be adventurous, go for it. And creativity is the important thing. You can easily make tiny modifications to my recipes based mostly on your own tastes and cravings. I like to simply act as inspiration on your personal smoothie and blender adventures.

Q: Raw nuts in a smoothie? Why?
A: I really like adding a handful of raw nuts to some of my smoothies. It adds healthy fats, texture, body and nutrients.  Basically, they help make issues rich and creamy!

Q: What do I do if I haven’t got a juicer for the recent juice components?
A: You can all the time use retailer purchased juice – just attempt to buy top quality brands – ideally juice that isn’t from concentrate. But a juicer can also be a great long run investment on your kitchen and health.

Q: What is these things… chai tea concentrate, vanilla soy chai beverage, cashew juice, coconut water, coconut water ice cubes, spirulina, aloe juice, probiotics and hemp milk?
A: Here ya go…
*Chai Tea Concentrate is a sweetened chai tea beverage in concentrated type. You can’t drink it on it’s own – but it’s nice for making soy chi lattes and adding to recipes and smoothies. If you possibly can’t discover this ingredient, use deeply brewed chai tea with a bit of liquid sweetener as a substitute.
*Vanilla Soy Chai Beverage is specifically a drink from Bolthouse Farms. I buy it at Whole Foods. If you possibly can’t discover it, simply use 1 part soy milk to 1 part chai concentrate as a substitution. A touch of vanilla extract can be helpful too – or use vanilla soymilk.
*Cashew Juice is a unique beverage I purchase from the ONE brand. They are principally recognized for their coconut water – but the cashew juice is a trip! It’s tangy and candy and has a lengthy listing of (unconfirmed) health advantages. Find it at Whole Foods. If you possibly can’t discover it – sub apple juice w/ a little bit of lemon juice. More here.
*Coconut Water see right here.
*Coconut Water Ice Cubes see here.
*Spirulina is a inexperienced superfood powder. Learn extra about it in this spirulina information submit. My Green Powder Taste Test right here.
*Aloe Juice is just what it seems like – juice created from the aloe plant. It shouldn’t be candy and slightly bitter/bitter. Add a tiny bit to your smoothie for some straightforward aloe advantages (aloe’s health claims are vast – though principally unverified)
*Probiotics see here.
*Hemp Milk is a nondairy beverage that’s gaining reputation for its high protein content in addition to the top quality of the protein. Hemp, like soy, offers a full protein – in addition to a entire slew of different vitamins. More hemp information right here and a hemp smoothie.

Q: What blending/juicing gear do you employ?
A: Meet my Orange X Citrus juicer here. Meet my SuperAngel Juicer here. I also did a Blender comparability evaluation right here: Blendtec vs. Vitamix vs. Oster fusion. And my Juicing 101 submit is crammed with tips!

Update: I exploit + love my Vitamix.

Common Ingredient Substitutions.
Sometimes you do not have recent mango. Or you’ve got 3 luggage of strawberries, however no blueberries. I know, I have been there. Here are a few ingredient subs which are appropriate for my smoothie recipes. word: some taste profiles may be altered, so in case you are subbing elements – use your palate to information you.

Original Ingredient —- Approved Substitution
word: a two means arrow means

Frozen Papaya —- Frozen Peaches or Mango
Frozen Blueberries —-Frozen berries of any sort
Frozen Strawberries—-Frozen raspberries or frozen peaches
Frozen Mango—-Frozen Papaya or Pineapple
Frozen Banana—-Possibly frozen Mango or a recent banana w/ added ice cubes
Frozen Raspberries—-Frozen strawberries
Frozen Pineapple—-frozen peaches or mango plus some lemon juice for zestiness
Fresh Kiwi—-fresh pineapple or recent raspberries (each are nice and zesty)
Fresh Peaches—-fresh apricots or nectarines. Possibly recent strawberries or a banana
Fresh Strawberries—-fresh raspberries
Fresh Blueberries—-fresh blackberries or recent banana
Fresh ripe Banana—-hard to sub a recent banana – they really are a smoothie’s greatest good friend.

General Substitutions Rule for Fruit: Sub fruits with comparable tastes and textures. Take the zestiness, creaminess, sweetness, seediness and sourness under consideration when discovering a appropriate sub.

Fresh/Frozen observe: most recent components cn be subbed with the frozen version of the same ingredient, say frozen strawberries for recent strawberries – simply take care so as to add a bit extra liquid so the consistency does not get too icy and thick. And on that very same notice, you possibly can typically substitute a recent ingredient as an alternative of a frozen one. Say recent blueberries for frozen blueberries-just make sure you add less liquid and a bit extra ice.

Other Substitutions:

Soy Milk —- Hemp, Almond, Rice, Grain, Soy Milks can all be used interchangeably
Nut Butters — Almond Butter/Peanut butter/Seed Butters can all be used interchangeably
Apple Cider Vinegar —- lemon juice, tart apple juice or white vinegar (or omit if pref’d)
Coconut Water ice cubes —- regular water ice cubes
Chai Concentrate — similar quantity of chilled black or chai tea plus 1 Tbsp agave syrup per cup of liquid
Vanilla Chai Milk Beverage — for 2 elements VCMB sub 1 half vanilla soy milk and 1 part chai focus
Agave Syrup —- Maple Syrup and Agave Syrup can be utilized interchangeably … or sub 1/2 a banana or sweet apple cider for additional sweetness
Cahsew Juice —- 5 elements apple juice to 1 part lemon juice

Any extra??? Let me know your substitution questions in the feedback and I am going to add them to this record.

Be positive to check out my 20 Smoothie Tips that will help you blend like a Pro! for some nice all function smoothie advice***

updated 2019 | orig submit June 2010

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