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3 New Keto Nut Butter Flavors (My Take: The Sad & The Weird!)

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You’ve in all probability already found out by now that I’m in LOVE with nut butter. 😉

It’s such an ideal supply for healthy fats, super satisfying, and a scrumptious solution to snack on the go. I additionally love baking with it and making deliciously artistic fats bomb combos! (aka “keto candy”)

There’s three new keto nut butter flavors that have been JUST launched this week, and I was super excited to attempt them and inform you all about them…

But once I received them I was totally perplexed. 🤔

3 New Perfect Keto Flavored Nut Butters

I’ll clarify why in a second…

I especially love the only serve nut butter squeeze packs on the go. They’re compact and excellent as a delicious meal alternative, very satisfying, good clean elements.

I maintain them in my bag (ALWAYS), take them on flights and street trips, they usually’re my go-to for mountaineering and outside adventures.

I really like keto nut butters by the jar too, and you’ve in all probability seen over the previous few years that I actually like to COOK with them.

The scrumptious flavored nut butters are good for keto baking!

These three new keto nut butters are from Perfect Keto, which is an organization I’ve actually grown to love during the last yr. I exploit their unflavored collagen powder, MCT oil, I really like their keto bars – and I like their unique “Perfect Keto Nut Butter” too.

I started working with them as an influencer and affiliate after falling IN LOVE with those merchandise, which is how I score you the particular gives & discount codes. But there are some products I do NOT advocate: just about something with exogenous ketones, including their keto coffee. The different stuff is GREAT though and people have turn into staples in my keto pantry.

Their unique nut butter came in single serve travel packs too, so I traveled with these over the summer time (together with other favorites) they usually’re useful at my desk on busy mornings too.

Perfect Keto Nut Butter Review

The jars of nut butter are better for baking in fact. And the original Perfect Keto Nut Butter is super clean & creamy, so it was perfect as the magic ingredient for a deliciously moist keto pleasant loaf bread!

Perfect Keto Recipes

I’ll should get that recipe finished & sent out to you! 😉 HINT: It’s the identical recipe/technique as my Keto Banana Bread Recipe nevertheless it’s a tender plain bread as an alternative – for sandwiches, grilled cheese, and so on.

First, the SAD information…

The unique Perfect Keto Nut Butter is not obtainable in single serve squeeze packs, and their three new nut butter flavors don’t are available singles both. 🙁

Perfect Keto Single Serve Nut Butter Packets GONE

That’s a bummer as a result of I like to stay these within the freezer typically for a type of ice cream like deal with, single serve and completely portioned!

And also as a result of the jars and pouches gained’t slot in my day bag to take pleasure in on the go. 😏

I’m simply going to cross my fingers they make them ALL out there in squeeze packs, and SOON.

Now for the WEIRD factor about these new nut butters…

Do you notice something odd about these three lovely model new keto nut butters?

3 New Perfect Keto Flavors

It’s the packaging!

Is it a bottle or a squeeze pack?!

That totally threw me for a loop. 😛

It’s a squeeze pack like the only serve nut butter packets I exploit all the time, but much larger (6.2 ounces) with a bottle-style lid. How ODD is that?!

Perfect Keto Squeeze Pouch Nut Butter Variety Pack

I’m just going to name it a POUCH. 🤷‍♀️

The flavors are superb though! 😍

There are 4 options:

* Chocolate Hazelnut

* Snickerdoodle

* Almond Butter & Jelly

* Variety Pack (All 3 flavors!)

The variety pack is certainly the better deal as a result of you get three packages of nut butter, and all three flavors, so it comes out cheaper per pouch.

Plus I have a 15% off code you should use too.

I created a special link that may take you straight to the Variety Pack page that exhibits all 3 flavors:

Perfect Keto Nut Butter Variety Pack (Best Deal)

IMPORTANT: it says on that page ^ it’s a must to add their keto bars to your cart to get the low cost. Instead simply use my code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout for 15% off something you order, you don’t have to add on keto bars to get the low cost that approach.

Or you’ll be able to, or also get 15% off the unflavored collagen powder I exploit or anything you need utilizing the low cost code LOWCARBTRAVELER as an alternative.

Something I Missed…

I was so thrown off by the packaging, and naturally next most fascinated by TASTING all three flavors, that I totally missed this until the subsequent day.

There’s a “tear tab” TOO. 🙂

See it?

Perfect Keto Products Review

That is VERY useful, because ultimately you’ll need to strip away the top & cap and lick the container clear. 🙂 Or in the event you’re extra civilized, use a rubber spatula to enjoy the final of it.

I do the identical thing with my jars of nut butter – scrape them completely clean. Not a SINGLE DROP of that deliciousness goes to waste in my house!

Chocolate Hazelnut, Snickerdoodle, PB&J – The Taste Test

Still perplexed with the packaging, I tried to knead it first like the smaller squeeze packs – which was awkward. Then I just gave it a very good shake. It didn’t appear clumpy at all (it isn’t) so that wasn’t a problem.

The cap seals properly, and it’s truly a really nice no-mess solution to pour out a TBSP or any measurement portion you want.

THAT impressed me.

So for my first taste check, I merely poured a tbsp of each flavor and tried them one by one. They’re all delicious. They’re undoubtedly candy, so that is extra of a dessert sort nut butter – or good for baking or making keto candy.

On the left is Snickerdoodle, middle is Chocolate Hazelnut, right is PB&J:

3 New Perfect Keto Flavored Nut Butters

As you possibly can see, these are more textured with little bits of taste. Not chunky, but in addition not super clean & creamy like the original Perfect Keto Nut Butter.

You get a nice textured really feel with these three flavors, and the flavors are BOLD. In an excellent method, I imply – they’re scrumptious.

The Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Hazelnut are both AMAZING.

The Almond Butter & Jelly is sweet… however not my favorite of the three. It’s somewhat tart perhaps? BUT, I do assume it can make superb “berry crunch keto muffins” – so that’s what I plan to use it for. 🙂

I’ve to say, a single TBSP of each was very wealthy and super satisfying…

That taste check felt extra like a decadent dessert plate!

After I tried all three, twice (lol), I ordered one other selection pack. With the climate cooling down and winter coming soon, these will probably be FUN to bake with, or to make snickerdoodle keto pancakes on weekend mornings.

I’m going to attempt that “berry crunch keto muffins” concept first although I feel. The similar keto blueberry muffin recipe I shared with you earlier than, and I feel I’ll add blueberries nonetheless and a gentle granola for the crunch, and some sort of yummy topping. 🙂

If you only need ONE FLAVOR, select between Chocolate Hazelnut (assume: Nutella!) or Snickerdoodle.

Perfect Keto Nut Butter Review

I have to confess, I’m still perplexed on WHY they selected to package deal them this manner. I have never seen nut butter in a pouch, with a bottle prime. So odd! 🤔

It works although, and it’s not messy in any respect – which is VERY good.

They’re GREAT for a quick craving too! You can pour out a single tablespoon and completely savor it. It’s tremendous rich, candy, no weird aftertaste, simply absolutely DELICIOUS.

I nonetheless need single serve squeeze packs though. 😋

3 New Perfect Keto Flavors

I created a particular link that may take you straight to the Variety Pack web page that exhibits all 3 flavors (the most effective worth) or every individual taste choice:

Perfect Keto Nut Butter Variety Pack (Best Deal)

IMPORTANT: it says on that web page ^ you must add their keto bars to your cart to get the discount. Instead simply use my code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout for 15% off anything you order. You don’t have so as to add on keto bars to get the low cost that approach.

Or you possibly can add keto bars when you like these, or also get 15% off the unflavored collagen powder I exploit or anything you want utilizing the low cost code LOWCARBTRAVELER as an alternative of the one on that page.

I’m all about getting the perfect deal. 😉

Q&A – Thoughts / Questions?

We’ve been discussing this on Facebook right here if you want to join in, or take a look at what we’re speaking about.

Deb asked concerning the number of servings…

Each pouch is 6.2 ounces, a serving is 2 TBSP, and the label says “about 6 servings per container.”

They have good quality components. You can see the labels, elements, nutrition details and so forth for each taste on this page.

The PB&J and the Chocolate Hazelnut are 3 internet carbs for a 2 TBSP serving. The Snickerdoodle nut butter is 2 internet carbs for a 2 TBSP serving.

I hope that helps you determine, since I’m positive you’re seeing this all over by now. They have been just released earlier this week, and I needed to taste them and get all the small print collectively for you – together with the most effective deal & discount code to use for those who DO need to attempt them.

Let me know when you have any questions, or want any recipe links. I discussed a number of however I’m unsure I linked all of them as I’m headed out of city on another trip and wrote this in a rush for you. 😉

Just drop a remark & let me know!

Or for those who’ve tried these already, let’s hear what YOU assume.

Stay tuned for fun fat bombs & recipe creations from this new nut butter trio. ❣️

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. You can discover all of my Perfect Keto favorites on this page, including the 3 new nut butter flavors. I exploit their unflavored collagen powder and MCT oil, and love their Almond Butter Brownie keto bars.

The code LOWCARBTRAVELER will provide you with 15% off anything there, so that you’re not limited to the nut butter code/deal on this web page. Just change the code at checkout. 💕


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