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Oh hey there pretty weblog reader! Curious what this ‘healthy happy life’ blog thing is all about? Well right now I set some Ground Rules, some content objectives if you’ll. So pay attention up kiddos. *finger wag*

But wait, these floor guidelines aren’t for you…. they’re for ME! Today I share ten objectives for myself with this weblog that I’ve had since 2007. Geez, took me lengthy sufficient…. Ten ways in which I hope my weblog adds value to your life … aka, why I hope you keep coming again many times.

Oh yeah! In case you didn’t notice, things are a bit shinier round these elements since my blog received a bit of a makeover! I officially switched from Blogger to WordPress. (More about that massive shift on another day.)

But for now, I need to establish some weblog floor guidelines. Some objectives. Some sassy, enjoyable, actual causes why I hope you keep displaying as much as Healthy Happy Life!..

What is this healthy completely satisfied life blog all about?

You can learn my about page or browse the recipes, but actually, this blog has some very primary objectives. Ten issues I hope to encourage..

10 Ground Rules

Aka, I Hope My Blog Inspires You to…

1. Get within the Kitchen.

Get in the kitchen. Put down the takeout menu and turn away the Postmates man and eventually — prepare dinner more meals at house. *Applause* We can do that. There’s one thing magically nourishing about selfmade food. And there’s one thing actually prideful about with the ability to feed your self properly. Start from the beginning or refine your cooking expertise.

Pro-Tip: Just fake the Food Network cameras are rolling and hop within the kitchen. (Narrating yourself as you prepare dinner is all the time a fun concept to confuse fellow housemates…)

kathy in the kitchen baking cookies
making my fave vacation cookie

2. Snag Some Recipes.

Recipes are right here. I actually and really hope HHL helps you uncover new recipes – new faves that soon develop into previous faves. Recipes you make many times and again.

…..And once more, until you get sick of them and wish to return proper back right here to seek out NEW recipes to attempt. (Or nose-dive into considered one of my cookbooks or FVMeals in case you are sick of screens.)

hhvk book party
hhvk guide get together

3. Eat. More. Plants. (see the word)

Eat more crops. Read that once more. Because actually, that’s my biggest objective. Just eat extra crops. It’s straightforward. It helps the planet, animals and you! Eat more crops. (Note. The ones at the grocery store or farmer’s market, to be clear. Leave your Fiddle Leaf Fig out of this.)

Oh! And crops does not imply just salads! Plants = legumes, grains, fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, all that great things.

Bonus Points: If you dive in and go veganor just decide to eating a bit more vegan-ish. Wait, no, bonus factors for EVERYONE reading this. You discovered a vegan blog and are curious. Hooray! Gold stars throughout. Really, nevertheless you eat, am 100% right here for you, plant-based mostly recipes stacked high, eagerly waiting so that you can grab one.

4. Curate + Nurture Happiness.

Nurture happiness, joy, bliss, gratitude —- everyday.

Because psychological health is just as essential as physical health. Please take care of your religious and emotional self just as you nourish your bodily one. Life will journey you up sooner or later. Don’t let the ‘bad days’ win. Practice creating ‘good days’ from absolutely anything and also you’ll all the time win.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health.”

– Okay

cat and kathy, happy

5. Adventure.

Go on extra adventures. Travel! Daytrip! Wander! Get misplaced! Just back away from the display and nobody will get harm. (Unless you’re actually lost, then omg, proper now – grab that display and pull up GoogleMaps!)

kathy taking a photo ireland

6. Start a Blog.

Write it out! Start a weblog! Start sharing your personal story or life journey …. or just a bunch of photographs of your cats! People love cats. Pet squirrel, even better!

kathy working blogging unsure and ok
No clue what you’re doing? Perfect! You’ll fit right in!

7. Love + Protect Animals.

Love Animals with Your Whole Beautiful Heart. I hope my work evokes you to be pleased with your compassion for animals. Animals are why I’m vegan. Cruelty to animals is something I’ll NEVER perceive and all the time need to stick up for and struggle for. You too? What’s true: Animals make this world a extra lovely, trustworthy, magical and mysterious place to stay.

“Animals make this world a more beautiful, honest, magical and mysterious place to live.”

– Okay

8. Be Silly. Laugh at every Chance. (Embarrass People with it…. learn how under.)

Be Silly. This is a really critical ground rule. Failing to take action will end in fast termination of running a blog duties. (Shoot, I higher pay attention up.)

Silliness. Important. I hope I encourage you to embrace your silly + nerdy + quirky sides. Dance it out. Blast Disney music. Or 90’s pop. Country. The soundtrack to Reality Bites. Hip hop. Broadway tunes. Fangirl. Or don’t. Be a snob. Whatever. Just be YOU. (But really, life’s brief, dorkiness encouraged..)

PS. 8.5. Laugh each time you possibly can. Little story. I used to be seven years previous. My mom introduced my sister and I to the movie theater, the Aptos Twin, to see Chevy Chase’s new movie “Funny Farm.” My sister and I sat MORTIFIED for the whole 104 minute run time as my mother loudly cackled and cry-laughed – with abandon. Loud laugher alert. Her wet soggy tears glistened as they ran down her cheeks to the flickering twinkle of the movie display.

In all my seven years I never knew public humiliation like that. The largest eye roll ever sat on my face as we limped out of the theater. That is. Until I grew up. Looked again. And realized that laughing loud and arduous in a quiet movie theater is among the most magical things in life. Thanks mom. Oh, and I re-watched that movie and it’s actually not that humorous. *Can you inform I’m the sarcastic daughter*

“..laughing loud and hard in a quiet movie theater is one of the most magical things in life.”

– Okay

being silly with apples, per usual, kathy patalsky

9. Create Healthy Habits.

Healthy Habits. In my mature, wellness skilled voice… Blog ground rules, number nine!.. I hope that will help you cultivate healthy day by day habits for yourself and your loved ones. #WellnessLife – and yes, that undoubtedly means dessert and stability and self-compassion.

Healthy habits are SO very totally different for everybody. Example one, I crave salads at the finish of the day. Not daily, but typically. Love them! But I do know some individuals who groan by means of salads. Example two, my husband runs virtually each day. It truly makes him feel good. Me, I can’t do cardio on a regular basis, or I really feel like crap. And typically I take months off from a cardio routine – like right now, hi – then drift back once I feel prepared. Different strokes for different people, guys.

10. Feel all of the Feelings.

Feel all the emotions. Cry. Scream. Laugh. Emote. I’ll completely pay attention if you want to remark a five paragraph vent about your day. Be human. It’s okay to be not okay. And it’s okay to be superb.

Bonus one …. for 11 Things…

11. Create a life you’re keen on — a life that’s healthy, comfortable, yours!

Sound good? Cool. You can maintain me to all of these blog ground rules, kay?

xoxo, Kathy – founder, healthyhappylife.com est. 2007

kathy patalsky yellow mug

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