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All the “Friends” Thanksgiving Episodes

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friends pop up event

For your vacation week enjoyment, listed here are all the “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes. Ok, fact be advised, I’m scripting this publish to remind myself which episodes to observe.

So nobody advised you life was gonna be this manner. (clap, clap, clap, clap)

You see, last yr, on Thanksgiving night time, stuck inside from dangerous air high quality from the California wildfires, we flipped on a random thanksgiving episode of Friends. Then in fact, we needed to watch one other, and another.

And out of the blue, we had binge-watched the complete line-up of Thanksgiving themed Friends episodes. And I didn’t regret a single second of it. Laughing, guffawing, feeling like all you must do is plop on the couch and snigger with family and snuggle with kittens is one in every of my joyful places.

Oh, and of course I included the one with Ross’s sandwich in this listing as nicely. I imply, it’s an important a part of the Thanksgiving spirit.

cloud cocoa
So pull up a mug of cloud cocoa for this one…..

The One Where They Binge-Watched Friends

big orange couch friends pop up
pull up a couch, an enormous orange sofa

All the “Friends” Thanksgiving Episodes

season one, e9

  • “The One Where Underdog Gets Away” — Season 1, episode 9 – 8.2 stars on imbd
    The get locked out and hilarity ensues. Love the season one vibe.

season two, e8

  • “The One with the List” — Season 2, episode 8 — 8.5 stars on imdb
    Probably the least festive episode, however I nonetheless love the recipe improvement themes. On point, Monica.

season three, e9

  • “The One with the Football” — Season 3, episode 9 — 9.0 stars on imd.
    I imply, who doesn’t love the football episode?

season four, e8

  • “The One with Chandler in a Box” — Season 4, episode 8 — 9.1 stars on imdb
    Joey in a field, need I say more? Love this one.

season five, e8

  • “The One with All the Thanksgivings” — Season 5, episode 8 — 9.2 stars on imdb
    Flashback episode! It’s a great one. I really feel like season 5 was peak Friends. (It was all peak, however you this season was additional special.)

season six, e9

“The One Where Ross Got High” — Season 6, episode 9 — 9.2 stars on imdb
I’ll never forget Rachel’s Trifle and the undeniable fact that Joey enjoyed it.

season seven, e8

  • “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs” — Season 7, episode 8 — 8.2 stars on imdb
    You will need to play the state-naming recreation after this one. We did. I consider I lost.

season eight, e9

“The One with the Rumor” — Season 8, episode 9 — 9.3 stars on imdb (aka the Brad Pitt episode
Brad Pitt hates Rachel, need I say more? So good. I really like humorous Brad.

season 9, e8

“The One With Rachel’s Other Sister” — Season 9, episode 8 — 8.8 stars on imdb
Cute episode! Monica’s china…

season ten, e8

“The One with the Late Thanksgiving” — Season 10, episode 8 — 8.9 stars on imdb
I really like this episode, good method to finish the collection with a thanksgiving bang of laughter. Joey’s eyes when he appears at the food…

bonus episode….

bonus: season 5, episode 9: “The One with ross’s Sandwich” 9.1 stars on imdb
I imply, this one is a should watch. ross having a breakdown, yes please.

whitney and kathy friends pop up
cheersing coffee cups with my pretty pal Whitney of EcoVeganGal, amongst other issues

What’s my favorite Friends Thanksgiving episode?

I might absolutely inform you my favourite, but really, I don’t have one. They are all so good and humorous and when you can’t spend the holidays with your personal massive household, or your personal massive set of Friends, or just want you had an enormous set of Friends like this crew, these episodes actually convey some love and laughter and classic 90’s type into your holiday.

One of my fave Friends episodes…

But I will say that one among my fave Friends episodes: the one with Ross and the leather-based pants. Watch it. It’s truly referred to as “The One with all the Resolutions” season 5, episode 11.

Friends Quiz

Oh, and if you would like much more lazy-holiday actions: take a look at this which character are you from Friends quiz.. Although I’ll warn you, it is probably not (gasp) terribly accurate. I acquired “Emma” aka Rachel’s baby. So unsure what meaning. I all the time thought I was a Monica with a aspect of Rachel and the veggie-eating methods of Phoebe.

I’ll be there for you.

I hope you have got a comfortable, stress-free, scrumptious Thanksgiving holiday!

Don’t overlook the coffee! Or a cinnamon soy latte, all foamy and sweet..

cinnamon latte
friends pop up

And when you’re here, undoubtedly take a look at some of my Christmas Holiday Dessert recipes!

Gingerbread Men Cookies

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