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Jens Voigt’s Tips On Fueling Your Body For Maximum Endurance

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When we ask ourselves, what is endurance? We shortly understand that it means something totally different to everybody. As for myself, at the height of my profession and having been biking since age ten, any experience lower than three hours wasn’t thought-about an endurance journey in any respect. It was extra of an lively recovery journey. However, for those who ask my youngsters, they might say something longer than ten minutes is excessive endurance. This brings us to the conclusion that endurance is relative to each person and their private fitness degree.

For the Beginner (Two Hours or Less) 

If you’re just starting to construct your endurance, I might advocate training in intervals. For example, on my first run after biking season, I did four sets of two minute runs with eight minute walks. All in all, I used to be lively for 40 minutes, however only ran for eight. It was sluggish however smart, and it didn’t burn me out. The following day I did five minute runs with five minute  walks. I continued that until I used to be capable of run 30-40 minutes with none issues. If you go all in on your first day of training, it is going to kill your motivation whenever you go house limping. Be sensible and don’t overdo it on the primary day. 

For your first two-hour bike experience, there isn’t a need to vary your eating regimen or have an excessively giant breakfast. A traditional breakfast ought to suffice for 2 hours and also you’ll need to hold your drink consumption the identical too. If you start consuming tons of water before you start, nature will name midway. 

To prepare on your journey, you need to start hydrating in the days leading up to it. Then, when the day comes, all the time deliver enough liquids with you. If your bike can’t maintain a water bottle, it is best to plan your journey round some places the place you’ll be able to cease for drinks. As a precaution, you also needs to convey some food with you. I might advocate some sliced apple items, or a banana plus a muesli bar. 

Never eat breakfast then leap straight onto your bike. I might extremely advocate one hour between your final meal and the start of your experience. To put things in perspective, at the Tour de France, our final meal with the staff was all the time three hours earlier than the start time. This was to offer our our bodies time to digest and rework our meal into power ready to use. Of course, we’re not doing a Tour de France now, however still, give yourself time in between eating and driving.

Medium Length Ride (Two to Four Hours) 

Though a few of the basics I talked about above also needs to be thought-about for longer rides too, right here we’ll pay extra attention to nutrition and hydration. If you’re going for a medium size journey, your food consumption turns into more essential merely since you need your physique to perform longer. You’ll also need to opt for more healthy food options during these rides. Instead of white toast or easy cereals, think about switching to entire grain toast and wholegrain muesli, which has long chain carbohydrates that may allow you to keep your power degree longer.

You’ll also need to add some protein to your breakfast to raised stability your food consumption; I recommend a slice of ham. If attainable, skip the morning espresso to keep away from a caffeine crash afterward. However, when you’re planning to go for up to four hours, you may contemplate taking one caffeinated power gel (multiple can be overkill), that are straightforward to digest. 

Sometimes I might even put together small slices of avocado wrapped up in aluminum foil for my first hour. This is because avocado incorporates good fats, which helped my physique keep in the fats burning metabolism longer. Bear in mind, though, that this solely works for low depth training rides.

If you’re racing, you must drink no less than one water bottle per hour, more in case you can handle. Stop halfway if wanted to refuel your water bottles and should you feel it advantages you to put some mineral and electrolyte tablets or some electrolyte powder into your water, achieve this. Lastly, you’ll need to eat one thing small every 30 minutes to take care of a continuing power degree and blood sugar degree. That ought to get you thru your two to four hour journey.

In For The Long Haul (Rides Over 4 Hours)

For rides of 4 hours or extra, the identical applies with just more of every part. Well, sort of. Have a great breakfast, but don’t eat like there’s no tomorrow. The key’s to eat small bites frequently when you journey, so deliver sufficient food in accordance with the size of your route. I recommend a mixture of apple or banana, power bars and power gels.

In addition, now you could last more and your body may start to interrupt down protein (muscle mass) for power, you need to convey a protein bar. I fancied a small sandwich—darkish bread with some Philadelphia cheese or ham, which leveled out my food consumption. At this completed distance, it’s not solely all concerning the carbs anymore, it’s additionally about your proteins, which suggests you don’t need to break down more than your physique can rebuild, proper?

After each experience, your first concern must be hydration; secondly, I might advocate a protein shake to help your body with the restoration process. Choose a restoration drink that incorporates sufficient vitamins and minerals. This is because they’re the important thing for a lot of chemical processes in your body, like producing power or breaking your food down into carbohydrates, fat or protein. Start eating meals which are healthy and straightforward to digest, like rice. I all the time take pleasure in Canadian wild rice or brown rice. The less processed your food is, the better it is for you.

Here’s a motivational quote to tie all of it collectively: 

“I always found it so much easier to eat healthier after a good workout. My mindset was just focused on health and well-being after a workout. And my body did not crave chocolate or a big fat burger. That only happened when I had a week off from exercising. So, stay active and your body will help you to eat healthy after the exercise. I promise.”

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