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Example: Calculating Carb Count Per Serving – MyFitnessPal Tips & Tricks

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Lots of people inform me they find keto macros, low carb meal monitoring and/or MyFitnessPal to be difficult or irritating.

I’m a macro monitoring junkie 🤓 so listed here are a number of tips to make it easier! Plus a variety of other enjoyable details & fascinating tips combined in…

In this instance I’m using chopped onions, as a result of these days I’ve fallen in LOVE with grilled or sauteed onions as an ingredient in my keto meals. 🧄

I found an ideal (tremendous handy) bag of already chopped onions within the freezer part at the grocery retailer this week too, which was nice:

Pictsweet Chopped Onions

🛒 I really like handy frozen produce like this (where that is the ONLY ingredient) as I don’t prepare dinner typically and I’m cooking for one.

It’s less messy than chopping a recent onion, plus much less waste since I can merely portion out what I’m going to make use of each time – and never fear about any going dangerous before I can use all of it.

Frozen Chopped Onions Keto Recipe Ingredients

Stay tuned for upcoming food diaries to see what I make with the chopped onions!

I’m considering: BBQ bacon onion burgers, spinach & cheddar omelets with sauteed onions, bacon & onion avocado muffins – and crustless quiche cups to start. 😍

The serving measurement for these chopped onions is 2/3 cup though, which I wouldn’t use (until it was in a bigger recipe).

So I had to perform a little figuring on learn how to enter this into MyFitnessPal, particularly once I’m just going so as to add a tbsp to an omelet for instance – or anything less than a full 2/3 cup serving.

Pictsweet Frozen Chopped Onions Nutrition Facts

Most of the entries for this product have been WRONG in MyFitnessPal too. That’s one thing else you need to double examine, which I’ll show you in a second – along with methods to log/monitor recent produce that doesn’t have labels.

I needed to do the exact same double checking & math for my recent & frozen blueberries, which I take pleasure in typically – but in much smaller quantities than the standard serving measurement, since I eat those “in moderation” in my keto food plan.

It’s not simply concerning the serving measurement, but in addition the unit of measure…

Things like almonds and macadamia nuts, sugar free chocolate chips, blueberries and diced or chopped onions don’t fit in a measuring cup proper.

They’re all totally different sizes or shapes and weights, so you possibly can’t rely them out for correct macros both.

There’s also area between them in a measuring spoon or measuring cup. And I don’t find out about you, but AIR is NOT one of the macros I’m monitoring. 😁

Blueberries Nutrition Facts - Keto Kitchen MyFitnessPal Tips

As you’ll be able to see on the nutrition details for my bag of organic frozen blueberries above, a serving measurement of 3/4 of a cup is 19 carbs – or 15 internet carbs.

Obviously I wouldn’t eat that many as a serving..

3/4 cup = 12 TBSP (there are 4 tablespoons in 1/4 cup). When you divide the 140 grams of blueberries by 12, you get 11.67 grams as a measurement “per tbsp” of blueberries.

That makes them approximately 2.5 internet carbs for 1/8 cup (two tbsp / 23.34 grams) which is the right quantity to garnish your low carb yogurt – simply to offer you a sensible instance.

Measure vs Weigh: Grams & Ounces Are More Accurate

More typically than not you’re dishonest yourself out of some scrumptious bites should you measure vs weigh, as I proved in this comparison on chocolate chips. 😉

Keto Portions: Weighing vs Measuring

What matches in a tablespoon (1 TBSP serving) is NOT the identical as the amount of chocolate chips you get to take pleasure in in the event you weigh it in grams as an alternative. 😉

And let’s be trustworthy: extra chips is all the time better than less chips! 🙂

I exploit an Ozeri Kitchen Scale. It’s small, inexpensive and super handy.

Back to these scrumptious chopped onions… 😍

Here is the label again, displaying that a serving is 2/3 cup (or 85 grams):

Pictsweet Frozen Chopped Onions Nutrition Facts

I’m no kitchen whiz, however luckily Google is AWESOME for fast conversions!

I went to Google and did a fast cup-to-tbsp conversion:

Cup to TBSP Conversion - Keto Kitchen Tips

🧮 One serving is 2/3 cup, or 85 grams.

That equals 10.667 TBSP.

So a TBSP is roughly 8 grams and 0.6 internet carbs (or 0.7 complete carbs). 🧄

Keto Kitchen Conversions

This quick math permits me to find out methods to greatest log the quantity of chopped onions I exploit whereas cooking.

Let’s say I exploit one tablespoon (1 TBSP) or eight grams in my breakfast omelet or scrambled eggs.

I can use the drop down box in MyFitnessPal to vary the serving measurement to at least one gram, and eight servings, for the 8 gram amount I used:

MyFitnessPal Entries For Different Serving Sizes

Onion Nutrition Facts for Keto Recipes

Keto Macros for Chopped Onion

Here’s how I get internet carbs in MyFitnessPal.


Mind Your Macros..

(Don’t Rely on MyFitnessPal!)

The entries in any of our nutrition or meal tracking apps is usually entered by different individuals, and lots of of these entries include errors.

Tip: ALWAYS examine an entry to your personal label! If it’s incorrect, you’ll be able to edit it – or simply find an accurate entry for that food merchandise.

The bar code scanner in MyFitnessPal is super handy to shortly enter packaged foods too, such because the chopped onions or frozen blueberries. But once more, not all the entries are right so make sure you double verify these by your label as properly.

For quick food or chain eating places, double examine your entries by their web site. They publish their nutrition information on-line, and lots of even have nutrition calculators for special orders.

For recent produce or meals with out labels…

Google recent produce to double examine the nutrition information and macronutrients for any food and not using a label.

Simply do searches like “avocado nutrition facts” or “blueberries nutrition facts” or “onion nutrition facts” (quotes not vital) for recent produce you get at the retailer or from your backyard / in the wild.

Search fresh produce nutrition facts

You can use this info to create your personal entry for meals or foods you eat typically, so you possibly can easily log that food in the future once it’s in your account.

You solely need to double examine the entry, or in some instances (like this one) work out the serving conversion, one time.

I plan on utilizing the chopped onions typically (like I have the blueberries, for years now), so once I enter it for the first time… it’s now saved in “my foods” in my MyFitnessPal account, so I can easily add it anytime I exploit that food or ingredient again.

MyFitnessPal Tips for Keto Meal Tracking


Also see: What Are Macronutrients? How To Use Your Macro Calculator Without Stressing Out

If you’ve gotten any questions about using MyFitnessPal, Meal Tracking or Keto Macros, depart a comment. I’m completely satisfied to assist any means I can, and would like to make this simpler on you in the event you’re scuffling with tracking – or avoiding it for some cause. 😉

Another fascinating point you could have observed on the labels I shared with you above…

Blueberries and Onions are both a superb source of potassium!

Someone requested me this week about electrolytes, magnesium & potassium – and whether or not I exploit dietary supplements for any of those things.

I don’t.

I’ve been eating keto for 9 years now and have by no means taken electrolytes or dietary supplements.

On that point, be careful about the advice to drink an excessive amount of water as that may flush out your sodium & electrolytes and trigger things like complications and leg cramps (among different symptoms).

If you’ve got any questions about that, or ideas on the subject, I’m all ears. 👂🙂

In addition to the chopped onions and blueberries, I acquired A LOT extra low carb groceries this week…

Stay tuned for a brand new submit with a full listing of what I stocked my kitchen with… and what I plan to prepare dinner over the subsequent couple of weeks. 😉

Fun, easy, EASY meal concepts coming soon!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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