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First Trimester Recap – Vegan + IVF Pregnancy

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First Trimester Recap kathy patalsky happy spin

I sit here typing this, fortunately in my second trimester, however oh boy that first was a doozy. Of course, now, (re: coronavirus) — trimester two might be just as crazy. Eesh.

Looking back on a more normal pregnancy time, here is my first trimester recap…

Trimester Numero Uno

If you should catch up: my HAPPY news.

Landing into the first trimester of pregnancy is sufficient to knock even probably the most “I have my shit together” women right to the ground. Probably the chilly tile flooring of the toilet where you’ll probably get very cozy and spend lots of your days and/or nights.

My First Trimester Recap

At 18w, my first trimester signs have enormously lowered. I have extra power. Less nausea. I can truly eat and drink again. And there’s a higher sense of hope and optimism.

5 Main First Trimester Symptoms:

  1. nausea
  2. fatigue
  3. stress from PIO shot continuation / IVF meds
  4. dehydration
  5. depression / loneliness

1 – Nausea

Morning Sickness” is the Worst Name Ever.

For the first five weeks of pregnancy I felt nice. I used to be eating properly, shifting round, excited as could be.

Ahhhh, that is great! This is a breeze! I’m a model of pregnancy bliss. I’m glowing, proper??? Like what, pregnancy is tough? Pshhhh. No means.

Weeks 1-5 MOOD:

joyful comfortable glad

Then the top of week 5 hit…..

first trimester pregnancy unhappy
nauseous + nauseous

And out of the blue I might only take one chew at dinner. Then once more at breakfast. I might solely eat a handful of salt and vinegar chips for lunch and I might barely sip the water I craved. Couldn’t maintain something substantial down. Nausea: off the charts.

Weeks 6-12 have been the worst.

I misplaced twelve kilos shortly and was critically struggling. I might walk across the room and feel faint. Showering was exhausting. Preparing food in addition to a bowl of dry snacks? No approach.

Foods I Ate in T1:

When I might eat, I craved child food…

  • Trashy cold cereal. All the Cinnamon Crunch and Frosted Wheat Squares.
  • Toasted PBJs.
  • Chocolate soy milk.
  • Allllllll the juicy, tart, hydrating fruit I might find. Kiwi and inexperienced apples have been my absolute go-to foods.
  • Grilled cheese, delicate vegan cheese flavors solely.
  • Peeled cucumbers smothered in lemon juice and black pepper.
  • Baby carrots and vegan ranch dip.
  • Pretzels.
  • Veggie Dogs with mustard.
  • Saltines with peanut butter.
  • Sour/Citrus Fruit Smoothies.
  • Handful of cashews.
  • Baked potato-veggie chips.
  • Angel hair pasta with simply Parm and EVOO.
  • Banana French Toast with a lot of maple syrup, once I might.
  • Sour anything….. Kiwi, inexperienced apples, orange juice. Salt, vinegar – chips.
  • Pickles.

Vegan Nutrition + Supplements

Besides the traditional nausea effecting my nutrition, I was additionally taking particular care being vegan during pregnancy. Trying to get enough iron and B nutritional vitamins, principally. Vitamin D too. And I took DHA. This vegan DHA is my palms down fave – never made me nauseous.

As for prenatal nutritional vitamins, leading as much as pregnancy I did Garden of Life. Then I tried Ritual, however the DHA in them made me a bit nauseous, so I needed to change to those vegan gummies during weeks 6-12ish — and I did a separate iron complement. Gummies don’t have iron. I took a non-gummy prenatal once I might in T1, but they undoubtedly made me nauseous.

And I typically took B6, suggested by my docs to assist forestall nausea.

I also took choline and vitamin D and C. Some magnesium too. Of course, all this was watched over by my personal physicians. Always ask your doctor in relation to private nutrition and complement wants.

Luckily, YES, plant-based mostly diets may be tremendous healthy for pregnancy…

“A plant-based mostly food regimen is a healthful selection at each stage of life, together with pregnancy and breastfeeding.”


Now, I simply wanted to be able to EAT like a traditional person once more. Mood….

pregnancy nausea
T1 temper — making an attempt to eat a couple of cashews – challenging

Familiar Feelings of Deprivation.

Not eating and dropping weight shortly was giving me critical flashbacks to my eating disorder. I felt weak, drained. My brain felt foggy and I craved nourishment.

In a wierd approach, feeling like absolute shit due to lack of nourishment (and pregnancy fatigue) — reminded me of how far I have come. All I needed on the earth was to be able to eat all of the things for my baby. Load me up.

Looking Up!

A number of weeks into the nausea and I used to be starting to figure out learn how to “eat and drink” again. Tiny meals. Small sips. Pro-Tip: Nibble and sip all day long.

Eventually, I figured it out. And knew it will probably cross soon.

2 – Extreme Fatigue / Instant Naps

But wait, I don’t do naps.”

I am not a napper. But once I started passing out round 3-4pm everyday – for hours – I assume, I turned a pregnancy napper. I’d fall asleep within the late afternoon solar and get up to a pitch black home – this was when it received darkish around 5:30pm. Felt oddly soothing, calm and quiet.

On my GOOD days, I felt like an enormous cat. I slept and barely moved all day. No wait, my cats moved greater than me. And they have been undoubtedly eating higher.

On my BAD days, I felt so so drained that not even napping helped.

cat costume kathy
sleep and sleep – cat mode

Shoutout to each rockstar mom-to-be who had a traditional job during their first trimester – which I’m positive is most people. Trust me, I understand my capability to remain hand-crafted every little thing easier.


It was difficult for me to recipe develop since I might barely take a look at food. So I resorted to engaged on backend tech points and way of life blogposts. Mostly from the couch on my laptop. Cats by my aspect.

cat nap sochi
Sochi, the right napping buddy

3 – Continued PIO Shot

After IVF, you must proceed the PIO shot into your first trimester. I was used to it by then. My routine: Wake up. Jam an enormous needle into my butt. Fine.

But as soon as the nausea started it was like a double dose of terrible every morning. On days I might hit a “bleeder” I’d lie on the floor, nauseous and crying, wiping blood off the floor. As the weeks go on, it will get more durable to seek out “good spots” to jab. Navigating the lumps and bruises takes skillz.

Then Hallelujah!! I used to be given the OK from my physician to stop PIO at around 10w pregnant. Happy dance that morning.

But truthfully guys, on reflection,

I might do twenty PIO photographs a day just to be on this place. To be pregnant. All value it.

ivf and pio needle comparison
PIO: left —- IVF: proper
kathy pio shots fet

4 – Dehydration

My lips have been so cracked and dry they harm. Constant thirst.

Not with the ability to hold water down, I resorted to something I haven’t had in years. Gatorade. The pretend colored stuff. Yup. I attempted a natural model nevertheless it didn’t do it for me. For a couple of weeks, ice + Gatorade was one of many few things I might chug.

I additionally tried my greatest to eat juicy fruits and big icy smoothies to stay hydrated. For smoothie flavors: bitter citrus and mango, strawberry and chocolate banana with plenty of ice blended in.

Rainbow Smoothies
I used to be all about citrus and mango smoothies

5 – Hormones / Depression / Loneliness

Despite feeling crazy HAPPY from my news, I felt some shocking depression too. I later came upon that’s fairly regular. But staying at residence nonstop, little exercise or socializing – and never eating fave foods, can completely trigger depression and nervousness.

As we all kinda know right now. #quarantinelife

‘Good’ Crying Tho…

One thing I liked. Silly crying! I sobbed throughout Malificent 2. Weird, I do know. Frozen 2? Sob-fest galore. Even a number of the cheezy Christmas films that have been enjoying on the time received me going. I truly favored crying from silly issues. Sometimes hormonal pregnancy tears could be fairly humorous.

First Trimester Happy Thing…

Weekly ultrasounds! Doing IVF, I was capable of watch my baby grow every week. Every Monday morning, we’d pile ourselves into the automotive and drive to the clinic. I’d sit on the desk in the dead of night room, heart racing. Deep breathes. Just waiting to see her. Just praying that little heartbeat would still be flickering on the display.

She changed from a tiny blob to a gummy bear to an alien to a small person. Her little arms and arms wiggling around on the display. Her heartbeat racing away – dwelling her little life as greatest she might in her little house.

Seeing her transfer on the display was the good T1 second. That little blob was simply sitting there, then out of the blue the limbs wiggled and twisted. It was an actual person, finally. Not just a cluster of cells sitting in a freezer someplace.

I can’t wait to really feel actual kicks too! I have an anterior placenta, so it’d take a bit longer for me.

8 weeks ultrasound
8 week ultrasound – my little blob / gummy bear

Nurses + Doctors: Thank You

Shoutout to my clinic nurses who have been beyond superb. My superb doctor too. Thank you for protecting me as calm as attainable. And for answering every query I had about the whole lot.

kathy pregnant first trimester happy
sliding into the second trimester – 16 weeks

Second Trimester, Baby!

…stated that in a Joey from Friends voice. I am so grateful to be in T2. The nausea has eased and I can eat!! And I’ve power! Such completely happy issues.

Plus, I used to be lastly capable of announce, which took a weight off my chest. I’m not good with secrets and techniques. Clearly, I like to speak and share by means of issues.

Coronavirus Update

I’m in a number of pregnancy teams, and the Coronavirus chatter is fixed. It’s overwhelming, so I try to only verify in a couple of occasions a day. Your second trimester is supposed to be the “happy phase” of pregnancy. But this thing has introduced a whole lot of uncertainty. Harvard article: we’re all grieving proper now.

Paging my pleased pregnancy bubble, please.

How was your first trimester? What can I anticipate within the second?

Any tips for the subsequent trimester? Or did anyone out there undergo a pregnancy beneath a number of stress? How did you cope? Really lacking scorching bubble baths proper now. And massages. And yoga courses. Tips welcomed!

You can compensate for my infertility + pregnancy journey right right here…

Healthy Happy Baby:

To the TTC group..

(TTC – making an attempt to conceive) To anybody going by way of infertility, IVF, secondary infertility, miscarriage, loss or heavy coronary heart of any sort on this area. I know reading pregnancy information is extraordinarily triggering. Never overlook that you are worthy of all the enjoyment you’re in search of. I am sending you’re keen on, hope and healing. I see you. Our TTC tales are all so totally different, however they unite us simply the same.

mark anthony badass quote
Love this quote from Mark A…

disclosure: this publish incorporates a couple of affiliate hyperlinks and all the time talk about nutrition wants with your personal doctor

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