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Why you shouldn’t joke about the “quarantine fifteen” and what to say instead

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I’ve seen numerous posts on social media saying issues like: “ Summer body delayed to 2021”,  “Not sure if my clothes will fit me after this pandemic”. It looks like everybody has developed a worry of gaining weight whereas staying house throughout covid. The “quarantine fifteen” refers to the 15-pound weight achieve during the pandemic, identical to the “freshman fifteen” expression used for a scholar’s first yr in school. These assumptions shouldn’t be joked about for therefore many reasons, but mainly as a result of they encourage pretend look beliefs.


Why you ought to rethink weight loss objectives during the quarantine

News flash! We’re in a worldwide pandemic. Our lives are utterly totally different than they have been a number of months ago. We is probably not shifting as much, or have much less time to achieve this. Nonetheless, we’ve been caught indoors 90% of the week. Most of us have other priorities to worry about at the second than our physical look. We’re learning to handle work, household time and house chores in another way than before. Some of us might have less free time, others might spend more alone-time than ordinary. These modifications influence our boredom, our stress ranges and our motivation in the direction of maintaining healthy habits. It’s also more durable to avoid snacking since our solely outing is the grocery retailer and we spend our days working from house, a number of steps away from the fridge and pantry. I’m right here to remind you that it’s OK! You are usually not the only one. Give yourself and your physique the probability to adapt. 

It’s not time to start worrying about what other individuals assume. The fact is, everyone seems to be preventing their very own battle, and they’re more than likely unrelated to weight. We ought to convey our concentrate on different issues at the moment. Such as:

  • Spending more quality household time 
  • Trying out new recipes
  • Being much less rushed in the morning
  • Enjoying outside walks
  • Wearing slippers all day 
  • Being covid-free (!!)

These are all victories! Our weight shouldn’t be the middle of our preoccupations, cause we’ll miss out on so many different constructive elements of our lives. 


Why are we so afraid of weight achieve?

This definitely stems from societal requirements. The speedy evolution of the health product business and social media has made us consider that we’d like to meet a sure weight normal to be healthy and lovely. This wrongful belief has played a detrimental position in our beliefs and self-confidence, as a result of it ties our value to our look. That stated, by stigmatizing weight, it has influenced us to idolize skinny individuals and fat shame. 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stated or heard somebody say the following: 

  • “Hey! Have you lost weight? You look great!” 
  • “OMG! You look amazing, what’s your secret to weight loss?”

We might not understand it, however these comments are only reinforcing that normal. 


We are a part of the drawback : complimenting weight loss is counterproductive

With time, we have now turn into a part of the drawback, since we impose those standards on ourselves. We additionally assume that everyone else is prepared to lose weight. But in reality we are all doing our greatest at making an attempt to be content material with our our bodies. Let me clarify why complimenting weight loss is counterproductive to us attaining that. As I discussed earlier, it ties individuals’s value to their appearance. Were they unworthy of a praise at their earlier weight ? Our feedback not only strain that person to keep their new weight, but in addition makes these round us consider that they could get more attention in the event that they lose weight as properly. These beliefs promote weight stigmas, which in reality, have been proven to be positively associated with physique dissatisfaction, drive for thinness and negatively correlated with vanity in a U.S. research (1). Not to point out, some individuals go through excessive behaviours to look thinner, and our compliments can be encouraging those unhealthy actions. Some might have a nasty relationship with food and we might be participating in reinforcing it. Actually, weight teasing also applies, because it’s a predictor of dieting and disordered eating in accordance to a 10-year follow-up research from adolescence to younger maturity (2). 


What to say instead

Obviously if someone has purposely lost weight in a healthy approach, then in fact we will congratulate them.  However, we still have to be careful not to tie our admiration to their look, however somewhat to their willpower, their perseverance, their strength, and so forth. We should restrain from saying weight-related feedback and instead compliment others on different points. An straightforward example can be by thanking them or congratulating the constructive modifications in their lives:

  •  “Thank you for being a good friend!” 
  •  “Thank you for cooking this delicious meal!” 
  •  “Thank you for supporting me!” 
  •  “Your lunches look delicious. Would you share the recipe with me?”
  • “Congratulations on running your first race this weekend. I know how hard you’ve been working.”
  • “Your perseverance has inspired me to make a change. Thank you.”

There are quite a few ways we might be supportive. That won’t solely remind them that they are appreciated no matter their weight, but in addition encourage us to apply gratitude. 

Another necessary method to break the pattern of societal requirements is to follow constructive self-talk.  This is something I consider all of us ought to apply each day. Remind yourself that you are lovely, that you are worthy and that you have all it takes to achieve your objectives. Focus on what you love about your self. And if you can’t provide you with something, start doing so. It will profit you in so many ways!


By raising awareness that complimenting weight loss is counterproductive to us attaining physique satisfaction and vanity, society as an entire would turn into a lot more healthy each bodily and mentally.


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  1. Vartanian, L. R., & Novak, S. A. (2011). Internalized societal attitudes average the impression of weight stigma on avoidance of exercise. Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.), 19(4), 757–762. https://doi.org/10.1038/oby.2010.234
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This submit was written by : Stefania Vitale 

Hi there! Here’s a bit of bit about me: I’ve been working as a clinic coordinator for Motive Nutrition since 2018, which has taught me quite a bunch about personal follow. I’ve obtained my bachelor’s diploma in Nutrition, my graduate degree in Public Health, and I’m presently completing my dietetics credentials at U of Montreal to turn into a Registered Dietitian. My interest in nutrition started in highschool, with my curiosity for science and the human body. Over time, this curiosity developed into a ardour, as I acquired information and culinary expertise. In addition, I’ve all the time enjoyed connecting with individuals, advising and serving to them, regardless of the situation. Today, nutrition is greater than only a ardour, healthy habits have develop into a lifestyle and I am more than keen to share its multiple features with you by way of weblog posts. For more about me, you can take a look at my Instagram web page: @Stefyv_the_RD

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