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32 Stress Baking Recipes from Bloggers

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stress baking recipes 2020

Stress baking is an official pastime of 2020. So I assumed it will be fun to ballot some of my buddies and ask them just what their go-to stress baking recipes are this yr! And since food bloggers solely bake up their most favorite things (on repeat) you realize these recipe suggestions are going to be GOOD. And I really like all the commentary that these bloggers added to their recipe selection!

Here’s What Bloggers are Stress Baking!….

2020 Mood: Get in Your Kitchen

If you’ve gotten found your self operating to your kitchen, turning OFF your telephone and diving into flour, yeast and sugar a bit extra typically this yr — you are not alone! Stress baking (and cooking typically) is among the official hobbies of this crazy yr.

And look, with all of the depressing things happening, I’m truly kinda thrilled to see individuals within the kitchen extra typically! One perk of staying residence more.

I personally have by no means cooked this much in my life for such an extended time period – and I wrote two cookbooks! I’ve cooked every meal, snack, sip and deal with our fam has eaten since early March. No takeout for that lengthy is large for us!! And I like it!

Cooking As Therapy

Cooking is such a good way to realize far from media and information and just immerse yourself in an activity that is artistic, enjoyable and practical!

And for me, baking is the easiest way to have some cooking remedy.

And so obviously, I needed to know what everyone else was baking on repeat! But first me….

What I’ve Been Stress Baking…

I’ll embrace my faves in the listing under, but real quick for ya, listed here are the three recipes I have made time and again and over the previous few months. These are recipes that I truly use as my very own type of cooking therapy lol, once I’m having a messy or overwhelming day. I really like having recipes that I do know so nicely I barely need my recipe anymore. It turns baking right into a type of meditative process.

Oh, and the odor of carbs in the oven is kinda the perfect thing everrrrr. Especially if there occurs to be chocolate concerned.

My three essential stress baking recipes:

I talked a bit about stress baking in this submit.

Pop Sugar stated it on Twitter …

“We’re calling it, summer 2020 is the season of stress baking.”

– popsugar

And since stress baking is a factor this summer time, I payment like I’m part of a flour-covered-clothes group.

Check your pants, acquired some flour dustings on there? Welcome to the membership.

Ok, so let’s see what stress baking recipes that everybody else – in this membership – within the kitchen this yr…

Here’s What Bloggers are Stress Baking!

1 – The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh yeah, chocolate chip cookies are certainly one of my fave stress baking recipes and these look unimaginable. Sophia all the time nails it!…

chocolate chip cookies by sophia

“The recipe I have been stress baking most is my soft batch chocolate chip cookies because the minute they come out of the oven my family has been stress eating them all! I need to have an extra secret stash of extra cookie dough to bake just for me.” – Sophia, Veggies Don’t Bite

Make these cookies!

2- Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

banana bread by rosa

“The recipe I have been stress baking most the past few months is banana bread. Since I have also been stress shopping, and buying too much food, I ended up with more bananas then I knew what to do with! So at one point I ended up with a couple dozen brown bananas, peeled them and froze them into sealed containers to have ripe bananas ready to go! For a good month straight, I made a banana bread loaf every, single, week. No regrets!” – Rosa, This Healthy Kitchen

Make this bread!

3 – Bagels

Yup, in all probability my number one stress baking recipe this yr…


“Yup, I have made more bagels this year than in my entire life, ha! I love changing up the recipe a bit. And they are so much easier than I ever dreamed! Definitely use bread flour and give yourself 2-3 batches to really get the hang of your ‘perfect dough.’ You want it soft and pliable, but not sticky. Seriously, nothing beats fresh, warm bagels with vegan cream cheese!!!” – Kathy, me, Healthy Happy Life

Make Homemade Bagels!

4 – Sourdough Bread

Bread! The most basic and excellent stress baking recipe there’s. And oh my goodness, this sourdough from Amanda seems to be completely good. Swoon!

Amanda's sourdough

“Baking sourdough bread is a process, and in that, comes therapy for my hands and heart. In such an unsettled, stressful time, I needed something to distract that could also bring me comfort. There’s a bit of magic in sourdough, too. That such lovely bread can be made with just water, flour, and salt. This everyday sourdough recipe is straightforward enough for beginners, and the one I make every single week.” – Amanda, Heartbeet Kitchen

Make this sourdough!

5 – Funfetti Cookies

Add some enjoyable and shade to your stress baking recipe routine…

claire's funfetti cookies

“Nothing relaxes me more than the smell of fresh cookies baking. We’ve all had our fair share of failed cookie attempts, but this is a fool-proof recipe I just keep coming back to! It’s hard to feel stressed when you bite into a warm & chewy sugar cookie loaded with rainbow sprinkles. Trust me! These have been on repeat every week the past few months. Plus, since the dough is fully vegan, it’s edible too!” – Claire, Eat with Clarity

Make these cookies!

6 – Classic Coffee Cake

Cozy! Love this concept for a stress baking recipe. Coffee cake all day please…

rebecca's coffee cake

“The recipe I’ve been stress baking is coffee cake! It’s the perfect way to calm those nerves! The sweet cinnamony smells from the oven, a warm slice with your mug of coffee in the morning or for dessert at night…it’s the perfect buttery sweet cozy treat. It can take you back to your favorite local coffee house or cafe when you can’t be there in person, but you can still enjoy the taste with your loved ones inside!” – Rebecca, strength and sunshine

Make this coffee cake!!!

7- Watermelon Granita

joanna's granita

“The recipe I’ve been stress making probably the most is my straightforward watermelon granita. The mixture of the summer time heat, being 7 months pregnant, and being stuck at house with an lively toddler has acquired me scorching, drained and craving a refreshing however healthy deal with all the time. I purchase no less than one big watermelon every week I eat it so much.” – Joanna, Raised on Veggies

Make this Granita!

8 – Fresh Blueberry Muffins

Yup, one other basic stress baking recipe, blueberry muffins! Move over banana bread…

famous blueberry muffins

“These gorgeous fluffy, buttery muffins are exploding with plump fresh blueberries. I think this is my favorite muffin of the year and every time I have blueberries on hand I want to make more! Cozy muffins baking = instant stress reducer!” – Kathy, me, HHL

Make these muffins!

9 – Banana Bread

…Speaking of banana bread, yup, this one is another prime three stress baking recipe in 2020, I feel it’s in a battle with sourdough for the top spot.

shivani's banana bread

“I’ve been stress baking banana bread like a lot of people!! It’s just so cosy.” – Shivani, Shivani Loves Food

Make this banana bread!

10 – Blueberry-Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

nicolette's scones

“The recipe I’ve been stress baking the most the past few months are these Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Scones! The soft buttery inside and golden outside are SO comforting and something I look forward to enjoying every morning with coffee! I’ve loved them so much lately I think I am probably 50% scone at this point. Which is completely acceptable and healthy since these scones include fresh fruit, right!?!” – Nicolette, Homecooked Roots

Make these scones!

12 – Sugar Cookies

nicole's sugar cookies

“The recipe I’ve been stress baking the most is my vegan sugar cookies, because it’s the one treat my whole family agrees on. My son likes to cover his in icing. My husband likes his with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And I like mine piping hot, right off the baking sheet. Even our two dogs get a cookie from each batch.” – Nicole, Delicious Everyday

Make these sugar cookies!

13 – Almond Butter Muffins

Love the thought of putting nut butter in muffins!…

amanda's muffins

The recipe I’ve been stress baking is my Almond Butter Raspberry Muffins. At the start of our first lockdown interval (we’re now in our second 6 week stint) I went a bit mad making nut butters, freezing fruit and veggies and pickling anything that wouldn’t transfer. Now I have a ton of frozen fruits and jars of nut butter for days. I bake with my 6 year-old. It’s one thing we will do collectively when issues are feeling a bit of “hectic” in the house. Baking soothes the cabin fever.” – Amanda, my goodness kitchen

Make these muffins!

14 – Texas Sheet Cake

Sheet desserts repair every drawback, dontcha know??… Really. This one seems magical.

sarah's cake

“The real question is, what haven’t I been stress baking? My kids and I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen during this quarantine—hey, cooking is a great way to teach math AND science! The recipe we’ve made the most is my mom’s Texas sheet cake! My mom always made this cake when I was a kid, and the each bite takes me instantly to my childhood! Hopefully, many years from now, my kids will associate the flavor of this cake with being safe and cozy at home during a wild period in their lives….stuffed with cake!” – Sarah, Fried Dandelions

Make this sheet cake!!

15 – Chocolate Chip Cookies

“I’ve been stress baking after which taking. I share my treats so I don’t pack on kilos. And I’ve veganized my mother’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies and it helps me keep in mind her during these challenging occasions. I’ve one of the best tip for making them chewy and crispy at the similar time.” – Cindy, intentionally eat

Make these cookies!

16 – Chocolate Loaf

Chocolate repair! This one is a keeper. Your home will odor like chocolate heaven…

“I love this chocolate loaf warmed up as a snack or dessert, but even better, crumble it over top some creamy banana ice cream!” – Kathy, HHL

Make this Chocolate Loaf!

17 – Banana Bread Donuts

Do not overlook the donuts! Fun, cute and a total stress baking winner…

robin's donuts

“The recipe I’ve been stress baking the most the past few months is my banana bread donuts because shopping only once every 3 weeks means I buy 3 weeks worth of bananas but they’re all basically ripe at the exact same time so then I stress out about using them all up before they go bad haha. Also, banana and chocolate together are like a cure for everything bad in the world.” – Robin, vegan dollhouse

Make these donuts!

18 – Vegan Chick’n Wraps

You should not have to BAKE to be stress cooking. Love these wraps by Cadry!!!…

cadry's wraps

While we’ve carried out a bit of baking the previous few months, that kind of fell to the wayside after the first few weeks. But the recipe I’ve been turning to many times isn’t a lot of a recipe in any respect. It’s a simple wrap with pre-made vegan chick’n strips, non-dairy feta, leafy greens, and recent vegetables. Then it’s completed with a lemon tahini drizzle. There’s a healthy mixture of salt/fat/crunch, in addition to extra nutrient dense stuff too. It’s really fast, and it all the time sounds good. That sort of low stress cooking is profitable out right now.” – Cadry, Cadry’s Kitchen

Make these wraps!

19 – Rosemary Bread

This distinctive bread is definitely one to attempt! Love all the great things in right here!

“The recipe I’ve been stress baking each single week is my favorite Rosemary Bread. It provides the satisfaction of bread, however it’s so much healthier. Packed with protein and fiber, this plant based mostly gluten free bread is so healthy you possibly can eat it each day! Top it off with vegan cream cheese and every thing seasoning and you’re set! Bonus, all you do is mix it in one bowl and bake. So straightforward!” – whitney, a wellness area

Make this bread!

20 – Pesto Pizza

Put pizza on your stress cooking menu – for positive…

caitlin's pizza

All of the primary “baking phases” of lockdown seem to have bypassed me utterly. I by no means made banana bread or sourdough in lockdown (not once I should buy natural sourdough made with regionally grown wheat for €2 with my veg box). But pizza is one dish I stored coming back to. I made a vegan deep dish that reminded me of pizzas from my childhood. I made a vegan margherita while reminiscing about travels by way of Italy. And I made this vegan pesto and cashew ricotta pizza on a “Zoom cooking call” with a pal to fulfill a longing for pesto pizza from a sorely missed native eatery. All of these pizzas reminded me of the past, and in addition gave me hope for the longer term — seeing my family once more, touring as soon as extra and the straightforward act of eating out with pals!” – Caitlin, the vegan phrase

Make this pizza!

21 – Oatmeal Chia Bread

All the loaves, breads and bakes please. This oatmeal bread seems to be divine…

renee's oatmeal chia bread

“The recipes that I keep on “stress-baking-repeat” are the banana bread that I really like eating for breakfast with espresso to start the day without work proper and these chocolate crunch cookies as a result of crunching something chocolatey all the time feels good – they usually’re super straightforward to make!” – Renee, veeg

Make this bread!

22 – Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

chewy chocolate chip cookies

“I totally fell in love with these decadent, chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies and made them over and over for a good month!” – Kathy HHL

Make these cookies!!

23 – Seeded Rosemary Crackers

johanne's crackers

“We are in the process of selling our house and moving across country (fingers crossed). I have been spackling holes with one hand, painting walls with the other and stress eating a crap ton of unhealthy snack food all the while. Last month I made a huge batch of these healthy crackers in the middle of the night and the family inhaled them in 24 hours. So now I am making them every few days. Just making the dough alone in the kitchen at midnight is so soothing plus I’m grateful to have a healthy food to snack on during the day.” – Johanne, Sunnyside Hanne

Make these crackers!

24 – Vegan Mug Brownie

Speedy stress baking fix! Mug muffins and brownies like this….

“I have been seriously doing this vegan mug brownie because it is soo easy, healthy and quick to make!It is a healthy treat that I enjoy almost every day with a good sip of coffee while I stay at home working, it makes me feel great because it is full of slow-release carbs that keep me active before lunch time” – roberto, pure goodness

Make this mug brownie!

25 – Chocolate Banana Bread

“The recipe I have been stress baking most is my vegan chocolate banana bread. It has become ritual to have this loaf every few days. We start with breakfast and eat it through dessert. I bulk buy bananas and use the overripe ones to make this family favorite. The chocolate and coffee help with sweet cravings.” – Prajakta,

Make this banana bread!

26 – Brownie Fun Cake

And yeah. This one works! All your stress melts away in only one chew, yes?

cindy's brownie cake

“I’m a school teacher and with suddenly being shoved into distance learning and then spending my summer preparing for every inevitable scenario for opening this fall, I’ve been stress baking more than usual. When I’m stressed I turn to chocolate! These chocolate cake brownies with fudge frosting are chocolate on chocolate and so rich and moist!” – Cindy, veggie enjoyable kitchen

Make this cake!

27 – Jam Tarts

These pretty tarts are a total stress baking winner!..

sophie's jam tarts

“My family has been stress baking these vegan jam tarts – when we finally managed to get hold of some flour again that is! There’s something so simple and therapeutic about making pastry by hand. We’ve been enjoying them on picnics in the garden. And we used up a lot of random jars of jam in the process!” – Sophie, vegan on board

Make these tarts!

28 – Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal cookies

“These cookies remind me of all things cozy! I cannot always make them because my husband is not a raisin fan, but when I make them for me, oh my goodness are they addicting!” – Kathy, HHL

Make these cookies!

29 – Spinach Mushroom Quiche

Balance out all of your stress baking recipes with this stress quiche recipe!! Oh wow this seems to be unimaginable…. Brunch all day.

connia's vegan quiche

“The recipe I have been stress baking the most the past few months is vegan quiche. For me, this is the ultimate comfort food. I love the entire process – from creating my own flaky buttery pie crust to filling it with veggies I may have on hand along with creamy vegan cheeses. While it bakes, the house is filled with the most delicious aroma and when it is done, I have a complete meal for my family.” – connie, the carrot underground

Make this superb Quiche!!

30 – Orange Cardamom Buns

Lovely buns on your stress baking menu, carried out and finished.

tatia's orange buns

“The recipe I’ve been stress baking most the past few months is this vegan orange cardamom buns recipe. Watching it go from easy cupboard ingredients through the dough and then shaping that into gorgeous knot shapes has done so much for my mental health these past few weeks. I feel like it’s therapeutic because it’s the perfect combination of easy, but visually impressive – whenever I made them I’m so proud of myself and it gives me a sense of achievement which is something I think we all need right now.” – Tatia, my vegan minimalist

Make these buns!

31 – Cookie Fries

Add somewhat enjoyable to your baking routine with these dippable, dunkable cookie fries..

rachel's cookie fries

“The recipe(s) I have been stress baking most the previous few months are my Vegan Cookie Fries because they’re so easy to make and so satisfying to dip. I really like a very good comforting candy deal with once I’m burdened. Also, I’ve been stress “baking” my 5 Ingredient No Bake Granola Bars. Not technically a baking recipe however I’ve been making it on repeat every week since my motivation has been lower these days. It’s extremely straightforward to make and is the right quick snack to maintain me once I’m not in the mood to make something. I’ve been counting on it closely these days and it never disappoints.” – rachel, health my way of life

make these cookie fries!

32 -Cinnamon Rolls

And yeah, you’ll be able to never go mistaken with cinnamon rolls heat from the oven. Turn off the news and fork-dive into certainly one of these…

kathy's cinnamon rolls

“Yup, there was a good month, when temperatures were cooler, when we were obsessed with our after dinner cinnamon roll! Cinnamon rolls are so fun to bake, I love every chance to make these swirled treats!” – Kathy, HHL

Make cinnamon rolls!

That’s it for now! I hope you get an opportunity to hop within the kitchen and check out a couple of of these recipes very soon! Be positive to let the blogger understand how a lot you liked it, I’m positive it might make their day. 🙂

Pin this submit for later!..

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