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Blog + Photos: 37 Weeks. Pregnancy Update.

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kathy pregnant 37 weeks turquoise dress maternity
photograph credit score: me, a la Canon remote

Sharing my 37 Week photographs + pregnancy update in the present day! Late third trimester, and a breech baby, right here we go…

kathy pregnant 37 weeks stretch silly

Third Trimester Feels

Third trimester has been fascinating. My power burst from the second trimester started to dwindle rapidly round 30-ish weeks and abruptly I used to be napping every single day and having bouts of nausea once more. And that’s nonetheless happening.

I try to not over-do it, despite the fact that I’m not nice at that. But some days I have no selection however to plop on our den sofa, with a snuggly blankie + simply do absolutely nothing. Or take heed to podcasts or music till they put me to sleep.

All the naps please!…

napping while pregnant
Sochi and Mr White are the BEST nap buddies.

…Quick shoutout to my new Barefoot Dreams throw which has some magic powers and puts me to sleep in minutes like each time! Also shoutout to this Beyond Yoga hooded onesie that I might simply reside in right now. If they nonetheless bought it I might purchase five more. #NotSponsoredJustObsessedWithCozyThings


Pregnancy Drama — or lack of it

The hearty a part of this Third Trimester Pregnancy Update…

If you’ve been following along, you already know that my street to pregnancy was crammed with drama. I’ve stored an excellent chunk of my journey personal, however I did share the IVF/ infertility part. And I am SO glad I did because getting DMs and emails from you guys saying my story has helped – has been probably the most heart-warming experience. Seriously. I do know that painful path and I share a huge hug with every certainly one of your struggling. I see you.

Infertility was enough drama for me, thanks.

And I anticipated pregnancy to be scary and exhausting and drama-filled for me, given all my excessive danger circumstances, age (39 right here!) and IVF status being a couple of of them. But apart from crazy nausea and continued IVF meds in T1 ….. there was not much to fret over.

Wait, I feel GOOD!

And as soon as I made it to the second trimester, and announced my pregnancy – I started to truly feel superb. Less confused and fearful. More excited that this was working!

….Then COVID hit. It has made all the things tougher, however it has not taken away my completely satisfied pregnancy mood. This continues to be the happiest I’ve been in a long time! Baby woman on the best way. Cue the sparkles and moonbeams.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks side belly look down maternity photo shoot

So yeah, general, no pregnancy problems, or any emergency telephone calls or doctor visits. *Hands within the air!*

But look forward to it, anticipate it….

Current Mood.

“I rigorously leaned upside-down, on my head – as I had seen in a YouTube video – a pint of ice chilly Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream on my belly button because I didn’t have peas. My husband walked by, gave me a bizarre look and I sunk down off the aspect of the mattress, rolled flat onto the floor, and felt like this was undoubtedly a low level.”

These previous few weeks my mind has been spinning a bit.

At my 34 week appointment I came upon that my head-down baby had flipped – and was now frank breech. Definitely not the worst factor on the earth, however still…

You see, for over ten years, docs have all the time advised me that if I did *ever* truly get pregnant, I might want a c-section. So getting HERE, after a couple of surgeries and superb docs intervening and so forth, the potential for not having a c-section felt miraculous. Exciting, in so many ways! I was good to go!

So to get breech / c-section news was a bit jarring….

Breech Baby

I laid there on the cool table, that crinkly paper driving up my back, cool jelly slathered on my tummy like Vegenaise on a sandwich. I used to be asking random questions via my masks, extensive eyes on the ultrasound display, making an attempt to play “Where’s Waldo?” with my baby. Is that a head? Foot? I don’t see something but wiggly strains…

Then my doctor squinted and stated, “oh yup, she flipped… That could mean a c-section.”

My initial response was, “Oh wow. Ok. That’s ok. We’ll deal with this like everything else.” Shrug.

Honestly, I used to be barely phased once I first came upon.

I had been anticipating one thing to go not completely, and perhaps this was it.

I simply had one third trimester objective: get baby right here safely! Any which approach.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks all black happy

The Opinions of Others…

But then I received again within the automotive, took off my masks, sanitized my arms (once more) and advised my husband. (Spouses are nonetheless not allowed into appointments.) Then I clicked on my telephone and started googling. I also searched by way of my Facebook due date groups for c-section and breech baby tales….

And abruptly, alllllll the recommendation, opinions, warnings, tips and tips flooded my display and frazzled my calm thoughts — like a gust of wind, blowing all the leaves off of an previous sturdy tree. I instantly felt bare, confused. Wait, perhaps I wasn’t imagined to be calm?

In the days that adopted, my fear obtained worse. I felt overwhelmed by grief for the delivery I envisioned all while feeling disgrace over the state of affairs. Did I do one thing mistaken? Did I sit fallacious? Sleep incorrect? Breathe flawed?

And with so many voices flinging advice and tips my means, I quickly felt like perhaps I wasn’t doing sufficient to attempt to FLIP the baby.

Pro Observation: Almost everyone you speak to may have a “baby flipping trick…” And for a FTM like me, in fact I was curious..

Cut to some mornings later….

I awoke, walked to the freezer and pulled out some supplies.

I then went back into my bedroom and punctiliously leaned over the mattress, upside-down, on my head – as I had seen in a YouTube video – a pint of ice chilly Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on my belly button .. because I didn’t have peas.

My husband walked by, and gave me a bizarre look as I sunk down off the aspect of the bed, rolling flat onto the ground.

This was undoubtedly a low point.

…The non-dairy ice cream glared again at me. The taste: Non-dairy “Netflix & Chill.” Was this a sign? Was Ben or Jerry talking directly to me as I sprawled on the ground?

“Kathy, this is Ben, put my ice cream back in the freezer and CHILL. Watch some Netflix. Something funny. Reruns of The Office. Kay, see ya.”

Who knew vegan ice cream could possibly be so prophetic?

And as I additional tried to “fix” this breech baby drawback, the one thing I discovered was that…

Trying “All the Things” Made Me Feel Like More of a Failure

I might inform my attempts were not working. So all of a sudden, I was failing at mom-ing. Already. I knew that was all in my head, however I nonetheless felt it.

Imagine me, pregnancy hormones raging, crying on the floor, sobbing “I can’t even flip my own baby!” Ok, that by no means truly happened, but you get the thought. And it will make a slightly comical scene in a film I feel. Real, but comical.

Eventually, I ended making an attempt breech baby flipping ‘tricks.’

Good factor, as a result of as I have later researched, some of them can truly be fairly dangerous. Pro-Tip: Don’t get advice off the internet, until it’s anecdotal and brought with a HUGE grain of salt. Ask you trusted doctor. Even “research” and “studies” could be spotty lately.

Next Ultrasound

So, all I might do was wait until my next ultrasound at 36 weeks…

And positive sufficient, she was still breech.

The physician gave me a number of medical options that I gained’t share right here, as a result of I don’t need to get into medical advice – simply my anecdotal story. But general, the choices have been all on me in the long run. And that feels scary.

But deep breath, in this moment, scripting this, I feel good.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks black and white looking up

I Just Needed Time

Research, speak to individuals your belief, get as many details as attainable from your doctor.

For me, it all comes right down to gathering information, then trusting my intestine.

Sometimes this takes time.

It took a very good long week for me to really feel like a multitude, all while having our automotive broken into and some other random drama happen – eesh – but I finally found my middle and calm and gut feeling.

Now We Wait!

Breech baby or not. All I can do now’s wait. Maybe she’ll flip on her personal, perhaps not. I’m happy with both paths. These next few weeks will fly by I’m positive. All I can do is shut out stress, take care of myself, eat nicely, try to sleep, hydrate, and prep final minute baby stuff.

Staying glad + chill is my end of third trimester objective in order that I may be in one of the best mental place for the large day and the weeks that comply with!

When All Else Fails, Shift Your Perspective.

I gained’t go into my selections or specifics, but all I can say is that once I was feeling actually torn and careworn, what acquired me to this different aspect of decision-making — feeling GOOD about it – was a shift of perspective.

When all else fails, shift your perspective! Maybe simply not by literally standing on your head….. lol.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks pulling on leggings struggle

Bump-Date Photos: 37w

So yeah, that’s it! I can’t consider she can be right here in a number of weeks! Mind-blown!

And listed here are my completely satisfied pregnancy week 37 photographs. Capturing my temper, body and feelings by way of DIY photographs all the time makes me feel shiny and glossy and powerful.

It’s like taking a really large step again and seeing myself from …. properly, a recent perspective!

kathy patalsky pregnant 37 weeks happy

DIY Pandemic Pregnancy Photoshoots at Home

I’ve liked taking my own photographs every few weeks and watching my body change and grow and create a human!!

What did you do through the pandemic??? “Oh, I created a few legs, eyes, basically a whole real person.” Pretty superb, sure?

kathy pregnant 37 weeks happy laugh

Chasing Down Motherhood.

…Gonna catch this dangerous boy very quickly I feel.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks belly shot

Total caterpillar to butterfly feels.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks aqua dress maternity

Prepped, Ready, Nested.

And but not ready at all. But perhaps that’s the fun part. Yup, I feel that’s gonna be the fun half. Bring it.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks kick leg happy

Third Trimester Strength

I have to say that I assumed I might be a puddle of mush carrying a human this far.

But as cliché because it sounds, witnessing what the female mind, body and spirit can pull off, first hand, has been pretty superb. And I haven’t even introduced my child into the world yet!!

Important: I feel all women, moms or not, have this strength inside them. But pregnancy actually does reveal that strength to you – especially in the event you wrestle with finding it, like I as soon as did.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks bare belly maternity photo hair flip

Basically, I can’t imagine being something however STRONG for the little human that shall be wanting as much as me.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks side view belly all black

“The Pregnancy Glow”

First trimester: Where the heck is my glow? I’m just sweating and vomiting over right here. And I seem like crap.

Second trimester: Oh, ok, I feel it, I’m glowing yes??? Look at me.

Third trimester: Ohhhhhhhh, that wasn’t the actual glow. THIS is “the glow!” It’s truly a warmth and buzz that you simply really feel on the within. That tiny person shining via. Depending on you. The glow isn’t YOU …. it’s THEM.

kathy pregnant 37 weeks close up face

I’m ready for you little person, come on out if you find yourself prepared! ~ Okay

kathy pregnant 37 weeks belly photo all black

Thank you for testing my Third Trimester Pregnancy Update!

Comment notice: If you have got gone by way of having a breech baby or c-section, I really like constructive stories, simply no heard core recommendation or “tricks” for me proper now. Thank you! But actually, all of the constructive tales of labor, ship them my method! xoxo

Follow extra of my story in my BABY part.

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