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Keto Food Diary Examples & Low Carb Meals

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People give me a hard time about what & how I eat. I get that. It may be onerous to guage a person’s weight-reduction plan on a single Facebook or Instagram share although, or a single day of eating even. I don’t find out about you, however I modify things up lots…

Keto Meal Examples

That can be a GREAT matter for us to debate truly. I’ll work on that for an upcoming submit, like why I ended utilizing MCT oil and why I’m going to start again using it again, why I’m eating yogurt & spinach & onions & grape tomatoes so much these days, why I haven’t been testing my ketone levels recently (like I usually do), and so forth.

But immediately I’ll offer you two full Keto Food Diaries, one from yesterday and one from final week, plus present you extra current meals I’ve been eating for some stay examples.

Plus a video from my most up-to-date pick-up from the store to offer you some low carb grocery ideas (and how I exploit those foods for fast keto meals). 🛒


Keto SnacksAs for the damaging suggestions, I don’t thoughts the questions AT ALL and even the criticism.

Actually, typically the extra important questions and even straight up criticism evokes me to get out of a food rut, or it brings up an awesome matter for us to discuss right here.

It’s all the time “food for thought” no less than – on how I might be more specific or extra helpful, seek out straightforward swaps or alternative ideas for individuals, or even make some enhancements. 🙂

The feedback range from: I eat too many greens, I don’t eat enough greens, I eat means an excessive amount of, my portions are method too small, I eat costly meals, I eat too boring/simple, I eat processed meals, I’m too strict, I eat too many energy or too much fat, I eat at the incorrect time of day, and so on, and so forth, and so on.

I’m simply doing what works for me, and sharing a lot of concepts & examples as I’m going. But I do change things up rather a lot…

Last summer time for instance I was eating principally meat & avocado for awhile, as a result of I used to be in the midst of a serious elimination food regimen. Sometimes I do OMAD (one meal a day) and simply eat one greater meal in the midst of the day. Other occasions it’s yogurt & sure vegetables once I’m testing issues with my intestine health issues, and so on.

Most of the time I’ve some cause or objective with what or how I’m eating, I simply don’t all the time do a great job of pointing that out. But here’s one for example, on why I made a decision to double my protein final yr:

How Much Protein Should You Eat? 5 Keto Food Diary Examples with LCHF Macros

No matter what or how I’m eating although, I hold it really simple:

My aim is to eat 20 internet carbs max and 70% fat minimum per day. I eat once I’m hungry and don’t once I’m not – and stop once I’m glad (vs stuffed). Sometimes I’m going over the 20 internet carbs, typically I’m approach beneath – truthfully, I don’t sweat it. 💁‍♀️

Here’s my complete Keto Food Diary in MyFitnessPal yesterday:

I had a collagen coffee and a collagen protein bar in the morning, after which one massive meal (bacon & eggs) later in the day.

My day came to 11 internet carbs, 74% fats and 65 grams of protein.

Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros and Easy Low Carb Meals

See: What Are Keto Macros? (How To Use Your Macro Calculator Without Stressing Out)

And: How To Get Net Carbs in MyFitnessPal (Free)

Keto LCHF Macros

I ate less yesterday than I have been recently, but that’s simply how some days go. It was a busy day and I used to be confused. 🤷‍♀️

I also ended up making two meals out of the bacon and eggs, as a result of it was A LOT of food and I acquired glad about midway by way of it – so finished it later.

Bacon and Eggs Keto LCHF Meal Diary

That’s 4 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, plus the butter & cheeses.

To offer you another instance, with virtually twice the energy and carbs, right here’s my MyFitnessPal Food Diary from last Friday – where I had a pint of low carb ice cream for dinner. 😅🙃

26 internet carbs, 70% fats, 115 grams of protein

Keto Food Diary with LCHF Macros and Easy Low Carb Meals

Starting my day with a collagen coffee & keto bar has been the norm these days, as a result of I’ve been having to get an EARLY start on my work days right here within the house office.

I had a late breakfast nearer to 11am, simply cheesy eggs. Some days, a mushy scramble with colby jack cheese just really hits the spot. 👌🍳🥚🧀

This is a saucer with 3 1/2 eggs (7 scrambled eggs cut up between two individuals) compared to the full-sized dinner plate above.

My Cheesy Eggs

The late lunch / early dinner (or just: “next meal”) was a BEAUTIFUL salad. 🥗

This has been a meal-on-repeat for me these days because it’s FAST, EASY and healthy – and SO scrumptious. 🥰

Low Carb Spinach Salad

It’s 60 grams of recent baby spinach 🍃 topped with 42 grams of shredded mozzarella + scorching grilled hen strips & garlic-roasted grape tomatoes & drizzled with Litehouse Foods homestyle ranch dressing. 💯

I roast the grape tomatoes by the sheet pan and maintain those in the freezer. The hen is absolutely cooked frozen Tyson “grilled & ready” strips, so I toss each in a skillet with a bit of butter straight out of the freezer. 🍳

Fast, healthy low carb meal.

The Simple Truth Keto Ice Cream is one in every of many manufacturers I’ve been reviewing recently. I discover that brand (Simple Truth) at Kroger – it’s their own brand, and it’s delicious!

You can see that ice cream in this video of my last pick-up from Kroger, just primary low carb staples & keto favorites. 🛒 I already had plenty of cheese & almond butter & pecans + tons of meat within the freezer, so just a fast restock of things I exploit for these quick straightforward “freezer to table” meals. ✅

I’ve been eating A LOT of eggs.

They have been 88 cents for a carton of 18 eggs at Kroger just lately, so I stocked up!

This has been a favorite these days! 🥰

🧅🍃🧀🍅🥚🍳 ~ sautéed onions, roasted grape tomatoes & spinach scrambled in butter with pimento cheese and topped with a sprinkle of cheddar + a dollup of Daisy Brand bitter cream. 😍

Keto Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

I wish to replenish once I do store, however I can’t use all the things up that quick (often eating alone) so I cube up the recent onions and freeze these in a sealed container.

I also roast the grape tomatoes by the sheet pan and freeze those. Shredded cheddar & mozzarella, colby jack cheese blocks, butter and the Palmetto Pimento Cheese additionally freeze nicely.

They all thaw tremendous quick too, so I’ll typically use the roasted tomatoes or diced onions or shredded mozzarella straight out of the freezer. 😉

Anyway, that scramble was AMAZING. 💯 Sometimes I’ll add chopped bacon, diced ham, you possibly can toss in pretty much anything you’ve gotten available. 😉

More Low Carb Meal Ideas…

In my grocery video above you saw the hen sausage, cauliflower rice w/greens and grape tomatoes…

Here’s a quick meal I made with those gadgets:

Easy Keto Meals For One

It’s cauliflower rice w/greens (steamed in the bag) + roasted grape tomatoes (out of the freezer) topped with Aidells Apple Chicken Sausage. 🐔🍎 Easy! 👍

A easy no prep throw-together meal. 🙂

Speaking of straightforward, right here’s the straightforward NO-FRILLS version of my sausage ball recipe:

Just sausage & cheese! 🙂

Here’s “the fancy version” with spinach and sauteed onions:
Spinach Sausage Balls

You can toss in just about anything you like, or use ground hen or floor turkey and even floor beef for various types of meatbals…

That’s just about how I eat most days: tremendous simple.

Meat, eggs, spinach, cheese, typically diced onion or roasted tomatoes, typically yogurt or strawberries & blueberries, but often fast & straightforward – and all the time a reasonably simple combo of entire meals.

I not often snack, as in “eat between meals” however typically I do graze at my desk on snack foods instead of a meal. Like with this plate of roasted pecans dipped in Onion & Chives cream cheese + a mozzarella cheese stick:

Keto Snack Foods

To me, that’s a simple “lunch” at my desk while I’m working.

Lately if I’m hungry within the morning I’ll have 2 tbsp of Justin’s Almond Butter (only 2 elements) with a mozzarella stick and a keto bar. You saw those bars in my two food diaries above – they’re collagen protein bars from Perfect Keto.

This one is the Cinnamon Roll flavor:

Perfect Keto Bars Texture

Those are B2G1 (purchase two get one free) as we speak at this link, or I have this 45% off link that’s a better deal should you purchase 4+ packing containers (for those who replenish once they’re low cost, like me).

We’re discussing that right here when you have any questions, as a result of I placed 3 separate orders this morning to get the MOST financial savings.

I additionally ended up getting 2 free nut butters and half worth on another field of bars in my orders, which was a candy deal. It was straightforward enough to put separate orders to get the MOST stuff for the LEAST quantity. 😉

That got here up (once more) within the feedback on my last submit, btw – concerning the expensive issues I exploit that they will’t afford and issues they want I wouldn’t eat, or that I might return to SIMPLE.

As you possibly can see in my meals & food diaries above, virtually the whole lot I eat IS really simple – and low cost: 18 eggs for 88 cents, marked down hen (that was a GREAT worth should you noticed it in my grocery video), frozen greens for a buck or two each that make a number of meals every for me once I combine a number of issues, and so on.

I’m truly pretty thrifty. 🙂 Plus I’m saving TONS of money eating at residence this summer time as an alternative of getting fast food & take-out a lot, or dining out & touring.

I’ve additionally been skipping my regular pedicures, manicures, hair appointments, and so on. My hairdresser shut down, btw – so I’m just letting my hair go, and letting it grow out. 🤷‍♀️

That’s simply me although. I’m truly having fun with a decrease upkeep way of life and extra time at residence, but it IS good to get low carb ice cream delivered (or at pick-ups) – or have the keto bars & cookies available for a quick grab to take pleasure in from time to time.

Perfect Keto Bars Deal

I solely get the bars & other products on sale too, which helps. Since a bar is definitely a meal alternative for me, breakfast for $1.83 just isn’t dangerous at all (considering I exploit that 45% off link to top off on those). Especially in comparison with what I used to spend on take-out breakfast or dine-in brunches on the go. 😉

I don’t really feel like I’ve to defend the best way I eat or what I eat, but I do like to elucidate it in a means that provides you the bigger picture – or helps you see it in a extra balanced means.

As for Perfect Keto, I really like their bars and their peanut butter cookies & the chocolate hazelnut nut butter. But I principally use their protein bars and unflavored collagen. The bars are simply EASY, and a nice change on mornings I don’t need to have eggs.

Plus I get them low cost – often close to half worth, which makes them cheaper than Atkins bars or anything I can get regionally even. 😉

I started using their unflavored collagen powder day by day in my first morning coffee last yr once I had horrible gut health points, however I stored utilizing it as a result of it really works wonders on my hair & nails!

This is the one I exploit. I discussed my kitchen was underneath development. 🙂 lol…

Keto Collagen Unflavored Powder

I can’t wait to point out you earlier than & after kitchen footage!!

My gut still isn’t 100%. Unfortunately stress and nervousness cause flare-ups, and 2020 has been… 😳🥴 – so I still should be choosy about what I eat.

The Perfect Keto Bars have been one thing I identified early on in my elimination eating regimen final yr that don’t inflame my digestive tract (in contrast to the elements in many different bars).

So there’s that, too. Plus I identical to them (A LOT) 🥰 and the components are really top quality. ✅

Actually, I’ll get screenshots of my 3 Perfect Keto orders from this morning, as a result of I ended up getting a SWEET deal – together with FOUR free products, half worth on one, and 45% off the opposite order. That means you’ll be able to see my “shopping skillz” 🛒 and the right way to take advantage of out of their sales. 🤑 (lol, that emoji cracks me up!)

Here are the two special links I used although if you want to browse for now:

📲 Perfect Keto Buy 2 Get 1 Free (ends tonight!)

📲 45% off 4+ bins of Perfect Keto Bars (don’t add anything to your cart!)

Keto Shrimp Stir Fry Easy Low Carb Dinners

I’ll get more of my current EASY recipes & low carb meals together for you…

– plus more of my grocery pics & movies too, so you’ll be able to see some stay examples of EASY low carb dwelling, and perhaps get some recent ideas to combine things up and hold it fascinating.

Because I’ve been eating at house all summer time, and arising with some GREAT one-skillet meals which might be tremendous straightforward, and making an attempt out all types of latest things in my kitchen… which not often received used earlier than this yr. 😂

👩‍🍳 Like this “fancy-but-fast” dish:

Easy Keto Meals 🍽 Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry

I hope this proved helpful.

Let me know if in case you have ANY questions – or even special requests or feedback. 🙂

I don’t really have a “set way” of “doing keto” besides to stick to around 20 internet carbs a day, maintain it simple, eat once I’m hungry and don’t once I’m not.

Otherwise I’m just about freestyling it – and sure, typically having a pint of low carb ice cream for dinner. 😎

I don’t wish to be too strict or too restrictive, but I get that it really works out rather well for some individuals to be MORE strict or have more of a routine to it – which is completely okay too.

I do monitor my macros though, and put all the things into MyFitnessPal BEFORE I make it or eat it. I find that makes me a MUCH extra aware eater. Plus it lets me simply see what potential culprits could be if/when my weight loss stalls or I get a weird response to something.

I feel a very good mixture of routine and aware eating along with freeflow (and straightforward) is a superb stability.

It is for me at the very least! 🙂 What about you?

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. THANK YOU for your whole superior notes & comments on my last submit. I’m still working my means via replying to each one! xo

My subsequent publish is all about the best way to get again on monitor 👣 … the EASY means.

Watch for it – it’ll be hitting your inbox later immediately or first thing in the morning! 😉


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