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Garlic Powder to Lower Lead Levels

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There are so-called chelation medicine that can be taken for acute, life-threatening lead poisoning—for example if your two-year-old swallowed one of the little lead weights her grandma was utilizing while sewing curtains and the physician happened to miss it on x-ray, so it stayed lodged inside her till she died with a blood lead degree of 283 mcg/dcl, a case I talk about in my video Best Foods for Lead Poisoning: Chlorella, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Moringa?.

However, for lower grade, persistent lead poisoning, akin to at levels beneath 45 μg/dL, there were no clear steerage as to whether these chelation medicine have been effective. When they have been put to the check, the medicine failed to deliver down lead ranges long term. Even once they labored initially, in dose after dose, the lead apparently continued to seep from the patients’ bones, and, by the top of the yr, they ended up with the identical lead ranges as the sugar capsule placebo group, as you’ll be able to see at 0:50 in my video. It was no shock, then, that regardless that blood lead levels dipped at first, researchers discovered no enhancements in cognitive perform or improvement.

Since much of lead poisoning is preventable and the medicine don’t appear to work usually, that simply underscores the necessity “to protect children from exposure to lead in the first place.” Despite the medical career’s “best intentions to do something to help these kids…drug therapy is not the answer.” Yes, we’d like to redouble efforts to forestall lead poisoning within the first place, however what can we do for the youngsters who’ve already been uncovered?

The at present authorised technique, these chelating medicine that bind and remove lead from our tissues, “lack[s]…safety and efficacy when conventional chelating agents are used.” So, what about dietary approaches? Plants produce phytochelatins. All greater crops possess the capacity to synthesize compounds that bind up heavy metals to shield themselves from the dangerous results, so what if we ate the crops? “Unlike other forms of treatment (e.g., pharmacotherapy with drugs), nutritional strategies carry the promise of a natural form of therapy that would presumably be cheap and with few to no side effects.” Yes, however wouldn’t it work when the medicine didn’t?

We had discovered that a meal might significantly minimize down on lead absorption, however “the particular components of food intake that so dramatically reduce lead absorption” have been uncertain at the time. Although the calcium content of the meal appeared to be a part of it, milk didn’t appear to help and even made things worse. What about calcium dietary supplements? Some assert that calcium supplements might help in decreasing lead absorption in youngsters, but “recommendations…must be based on evidence rather than conviction.” What’s extra, these assertions are based mostly partially on research on rodents, and variations in calcium absorption and stability between rats and humans make extrapolation tough. What you might have to do is put it to the check. Researchers found that even an extra whopping 1,800 mg of calcium per day had no effect on blood lead levels. Therefore, the proof doesn’t help conclusions that calcium supplements help.

What about entire foods? Reviews of dietary methods to treat lead toxicity say to eat plenty of tomatoes, berries, onions, garlic, and grapes, as they’re natural antagonists to lead toxicity and subsequently must be consumed regularly. Remember these phytochelatins? Perhaps eating crops may assist detoxify the lead in our personal bodies or the our bodies of those we eat.

These natural phytochelatin compounds work so nicely that we will use them to clean up air pollution. For instance, the inexperienced algae chlorella can suck up lead and hold onto it, so what if we ate it? If it could possibly clean up polluted our bodies of water, may it clear up our own polluted our bodies? We don’t know, as a result of we only have research on mice, not males and women.

So, if you hear how chlorella detoxifies, they’re speaking concerning the cleansing of rat testicles. Yes, just a little sprinkle of chlorella may assist your pet rat, or maybe you possibly can give them some black cumin seeds or give them a sprig of cilantro, however whenever you hear how cilantro detoxifies towards heavy metals, I presume you don’t anticipate the researchers to be talking about studies in rodents. If we’re taken with science defending our youngsters, not just their pets, we’re out of luck.

The similar is true with moringa, tomatoes, flaxseed oil, and sesame seed oil, in addition to black grapes, and black, white, inexperienced, and pink tea. There are merely no human studies to guide us.

Dietary strategies for the remedy of lead toxicity are sometimes based mostly on rodent research, however, for tofu, a minimum of, there was a population research of folks that confirmed decrease lead ranges in men and women who ate more tofu. The researchers controlled for an entire bunch of things, so it’s not as if tofu lovers have been protected simply because they smoked much less or ate less meat, but you possibly can’t management for every part.

Ideally, we’d have a randomized, placebo-controlled research. Researchers would take a gaggle of people uncovered to lead, cut up them into two teams, with half given food and the other half given some sort of equivalent placebo food, and see what happens. It’s straightforward to do this with medicine since you just use look-alike sugar tablets as placebos so individuals don’t know which group they’re in, but how do you make placebo food? One method to do disguised food interventions is to use foods which are so potent they can be stuffed right into a capsule—like garlic. There had been numerous studies measuring the consequences of garlic in rats and taking a look at garlic as a potential antidote for lead intoxication distributed amongst totally different mouse organs, but who eats mouse organs? One animal research did have some direct human relevance, though, wanting at the impact of garlic on lead content material in hen tissues. The function was to “explore the possible use of garlic to clean up lead contents in chickens which”—like all of us on planet Earth—“had been exposed to lead pollution and consequently help to minimize the hazard” of lead-polluted hen meat.

And…it labored! As you possibly can see at 1:59 in my video Best Food for Lead Poisoning: Garlic, feeding garlic to chickens lowered lead ranges within the “edible mass of chicken” by up to 75 % or extra. Because we reside in a polluted world, even should you don’t give the chickens lead and raise them on distilled water, they nonetheless end up with some lead in their meat and giblets. But, when you actively feed them lead for every week, the degrees get really high. When you give them the same amount of lead with just a little garlic added, nevertheless, much less lead accumulates in their our bodies.

What’s much more astonishing is that when researchers gave them the identical amount of lead—however this time waited every week before giving them the garlic—it worked even better. “The value of garlic in reducing lead concentrations…was more pronounced when garlic was given as a post-treatment following the cessation of lead administration”—that’s, after the lead was stopped and had already built up in their tissues. We used to assume that “the beneficial effect of garlic against lead toxicity was primarily due to a reaction between lead and sulfur compounds in garlic” that might glom on to lead within the intestinal tract and flush it out of the body. But, what the research confirmed is that garlic appears to include compounds that may truly pull lead not solely out of the intestinal contents, but in addition out of the tissues of the physique. So, the “results indicate that garlic contain chelating compounds capable of enhancing elimination of lead,” and “garlic feeding can be exploited to safeguard human consumers by minimizing lead concentrations in meat….”

If garlic is so effective at pulling lead out of chickens’ our bodies, why not more immediately exploit “garlic feeding” by eating it ourselves? Well, there had never been a research on the power of garlic to help lead-exposed people until…2012? (Actually, I’m embarrassed to say I missed it when the research was first revealed. That was again once I was simply getting NutritionFacts.org up and operating. Now that we have now employees and an entire research staff, hopefully essential studies like this gained’t slip via the cracks in the future.)

The research was a head-to-head comparison of the therapeutic effects of garlic versus a chelation remedy drug referred to as D-penicillamine. One hundred and seventeen staff exposed to lead within the automotive battery business have been randomly assigned into certainly one of two groups and, 3 times a day for one month, both received the drug or an eighth of a teaspoon of garlic powder compressed right into a pill, which is concerning the equivalent of two cloves of recent garlic a day. As expected, the chelation drug lowered blood lead levels by about 20 %—however so did the garlic. The garlic labored simply in addition to the drug and, in fact, had fewer negative effects. “Thus, garlic seems safer clinically and as effective,” but saying something is as effective as chelation therapy isn’t saying much. Remember how chelation medicine can lower blood ranges in persistent lead poisoning, but they don’t truly enhance neurological perform?

Well, after remedy with garlic, vital medical improvements have been seen, including much less irritability, fewer complications, and enhancements in reflexes and blood strain, but these improvements have been not seen in the drug group. They weren’t seen after remedy with the chelation therapy drug. So, garlic was safer and simpler. “Therefore, garlic could be beneficial for the remedy of mild-to-moderate lead poisoning.

 There are additionally some human studieson vitamin C. Check out Can Vitamin C Help with Lead Poisoning?.

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