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What Might Be Causing a High or Low Heart Rate

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September is AFib Awareness Month, and at Fitbit, we’re serving to you to study more via content material that focuses on all issues coronary heart health throughout the month. Click right here for extra weblog posts within the collection.

Your coronary heart price, or pulse, is the number of occasions your heart beats per minute (bpm). If you’re like most adults, your resting heart price falls between 60 and 100 bpm. 

Your coronary heart fee might be affected by elements similar to stress, nervousness, feelings, hormones, drugs chances are you’ll be taking and the way bodily lively you’re.

Some variation is normal. But if your coronary heart price when you’re inactive routinely falls under or above your regular vary, you might have both a low heart price (bradycardia) or a excessive heart fee (tachycardia). 

Causes of a low heart fee

• Old age

• Extreme bodily conditioning, like that of athletes

• Electrical problems within the heart

• Metabolic problems, comparable to hypothyroidism

• Physical injury to the guts

• Certain heart drugs, resembling beta blockers

Causes of a high coronary heart fee

• Anxiety

• Sudden stress, corresponding to worry

• Fever

• Emotional distress

• Recreational stimulants

• Electrical issues within the heart

Other, less widespread causes that affect coronary heart price embrace:

• Anemia

• Increased thyroid exercise

• Heart muscle injury

Your coronary heart fee once you’re at relaxation presents a glimpse into your heart health. If you’re concerned about a low or high coronary heart price, consult together with your health care provider. 

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