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Tuned In, Stressed Out: Measuring and Managing Stress with Physical Indicators

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Hans Selye, the daddy of stress analysis and a pioneer in the area of endocrinology once stated, “It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” 

Whether it’s psychological stress reactions like nervousness and panic or withdrawal and apathy, or physical stress reactions like increased heart fee and sweat ranges, managing stress requires a educated sense of mindfulness. And while some stress is sweet, like a motivating work deadline, most stress could be taxing. Paired with the global pandemic and common uncertainties concerning the future, stress is finally unavoidable. But regardless of stress sort, as Hans Selye pointed out, with a purpose to stay lengthy, healthy lives, we need to monitor how we understand, react to, and handle stress.

But how have you learnt if you’re harassed? Well, the Fitbit research staff set out to explore if wearables can measure physical stress responses to offer customers a greater understanding of how they will monitor and manage stress in their lives. They additionally needed to see if elements like age, gender, and exercise had an impression on each bodily stress metrics and perceived stress levels. 

The Study 

First, our research staff asked, “Can we measure a psychological state (like stress) with physical indicators on Fitbit?” 

It’s a challenging query with a spectrum of variables ranging from physical health, dwelling state of affairs, and various cultural norms related with stress administration. But, whether or not we’re conscious of it or not, each time we’re confronted with a stressor, our bodies bear bodily and mental modifications in an attempt to take care of stability. Scientifically talking, stress is the relationship between your physique and a state of affairs that you simply appraise as unmanageable or threatening. Your appraisal of the state of affairs (or stressor) determines your stress response, which may manifest in quite a lot of bodily reactions ranging from a racing coronary heart beat to sweaty palms. 

When you appraise a state of affairs as a stressor, your sympathetic nervous system releases stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, to organize you for a “fight or flight” response. This process may cause all types of modifications in your body, a few of which may be measured with wearables by way of metrics like coronary heart price variability, or HRV, and electrodermal activity, or EDA, which is measured with a brand new sensor on Fitbit Sense.

Due to the complexity of stress variables, our group developed a Stress Management Score which mixes metrics including sleep patterns, exertion (steps, exercise), coronary heart fee and coronary heart price variability (HRV), and EDA to provide customers a every day rating about how their body is reacting to emphasize. 

Over the course of four weeks, roughly 4,000 individuals acquired their every day Stress Management Score and have been requested to take two day by day surveys: a day by day morning survey requested how prepared members have been to take on the day on a 1-10 scale, and equally, a nightly survey requested individuals to mirror and ask how ready they have been to take on the challenges of the day. We additionally gave individuals a separate survey to measure their perceived stress during the last month, referred to as the Perceived Stress Scale (or PSS), once firstly and again at the end of the research.

Our Findings

It seems that these bodily, measurable indicators that make up the Stress Management Score correlate with perceived emotions of stress. We saw that the typical Stress Management Score of a participant over the 4 week research considerably correlated with the PSS. Additionally, members’ mean Stress Scores for the month significantly correlated with the imply every day and nightly survey scores. 

We additionally noticed some fascinating variations in stress across demographics and exercise ranges. Everyone perceives and reacts to stress in another way, however there are statistically vital variances throughout age, gender, and activity: 

  • Older members report less perceived stress, and individuals in their 20s and 30s report the very best perceived stress levels. 
  • Female members report barely larger perceived stress ranges than do men. 
  • The extra lively you’re, the less perceived stress you report. The more steps and/or Active Zone Minutes you purchase each day, the decrease your perceived stress score. 


Using these outcomes, Fitbit further developed its Stress Management Score, obtainable on the new Fitbit Sense. The score seems at a few of these metrics to offer customers with a day by day calculation of their physical stress degree based mostly on three elements: 

  1. Exertion stability: Gauges the influence of exercise like exercise and steps
  2. Responsiveness: Assesses your battle or flight response by means of metrics like heart fee, HRV and EDA 
  3. Sleep patterns: Includes metrics that measure the standard and quantity of sleep 

This rating was designed partially to help individuals plan their day. For instance, in the event you receive a excessive rating—which is an effective thing—it means your body is displaying few signs of physical stress, so you might think about taking over a new challenge or exercising. If your score is low—which is not ideally suited—it means your body is displaying signs of stress, so you might need to give your self a break—go to mattress early or meditate. Over time, your rating also can reveal connections between your stress degree and key health metrics like activity and sleep.

With this score and other mindfulness tools from Fitbit, Fitbit users can study concerning the impression of stress on their physique, monitor their physique’s reaction to emphasize, and achieve a deeper understanding of their physique to assist information them to a path to raised health and wellness.

Learn extra concerning the new Stress Management Score now obtainable on Fitbit Sense right here. 

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