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New Fitbit Labs Study: Can Measuring Pulse Arrival Time at the Wrist Track Blood Pressure?

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High blood strain is known as a silent killer for a purpose.¹ Symptoms are not often apparent however uncontrolled hypertension can improve the danger for coronary heart disease and stroke, two main causes of demise for individuals in the United States.² Nearly one out of two adults in the U.S. has hypertension, however many don’t know they have it.³/⁴

Checking your blood strain isn’t all the time straightforward, especially if individuals don’t have a blood strain cuff at house and solely go to the physician’s office a few times a yr. And because blood strain can fluctuate for quite a lot of causes, ideally individuals have to repeat this course of at the similar time over a period of months. So, how can we make it simpler for individuals to watch their blood strain?

Investigating Pulse Arrival Time at the Wrist 

Starting this month, Fitbit Labs is launching a research to look at how Fitbit units can probably measure one thing referred to as Pulse Arrival Time (PAT), which is the time it takes for a pulse of blood to succeed in your wrist after your heart beats, and discover the potential link to tracking blood strain.⁵  

While the capacity to easily measure and monitor blood strain in a wearable, non-cuff software has been of nice curiosity, it has been moderately elusive so far, and the means to capture blood strain readings in a non-cuff wrist-wearable has not but been achieved.

Previous research has discovered a correlation between PAT and blood strain, however the correlation was not robust sufficient to predict blood strain. These investigations have been restricted to both small knowledge sets or particular environments like an intensive care unit. Fitbit Labs additionally found a correlation between PAT and blood strain in a small, 3-week inner research. The new research will prolong this work to a broader inhabitants to be able to study extra about how PAT measurements change beneath quite a lot of circumstances.

“If high blood pressure was easier to measure, people could manage it earlier, which might help avoid preventable deaths from heart disease and stroke,” stated Shelten Yuen, Principal Scientist at Fitbit, who is main this work “It’s a hard scientific challenge, and a lot of work remains to be done to understand the best way to do this, but we have a history of advancing technology to make previously inaccessible health metrics available to Fitbit users from their wrist, so it’s a challenge we’re very passionate about solving.”

Having quick access to blood strain readings is essential for individuals with hypertension, so, assuming we will correlate PAT and blood strain, with the ability to monitor PAT with a Fitbit gadget may give individuals more energy to handle their situation in between docs visits. 

How to Participate

Fitbit Sense customers in the U.S. who’re at least 20 years previous, will receive a notification on their app if they’re eligible to take part in the month-long research. Diversity in our research is essential, so it’s essential for eligible Sense users throughout all demographics to enroll.

Advancing the Future of Wearables

Fitbit’s mission has all the time been to make everyone in the world more healthy by making health more accessible. Fitbit pioneered the 10,000 steps phenomenon, and since then has launched many different improvements, including coronary heart price monitoring on the wrist with our Pure Pulse know-how, which has continued to advance over the years. With the Fitbit ECG App,⁶ we’re assessing customers’ heart rhythms for signs of AFib, an irregular coronary heart rhythm which will increase the danger of great heart circumstances like stroke. These innovations — in addition to our latest and most superior sensors — are usually not only the basis for many necessary health options, additionally they may be used to discover novel technologies, like measuring PAT on this new research.

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⁵ Please observe: Pulse Arrival Time readings are meant for analysis purposes only and shall be used for future product improvement. These readings should not be interpreted as conveying necessary health info and shouldn’t be used or relied on for any medical functions.

⁶ The Fitbit EGG App is just out there in select nations; not meant for use by individuals beneath 22 years previous. See fitbit.com/ecg for extra details.

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