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Decoding Kidney Stones For A Quick & Painless Treatment

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Contributed by: Priyaish Srivastava


Did you recognize?


    • Kidneys are bean-shaped organs concerning the dimension of a closed fist positioned below the ribs and above the waist (on the again) 
    • Approximately 180 litres of blood is filtered by the kidneys every single day
    • They handle the manufacturing of pink blood cells and regulate blood strain by releasing sure hormones
    • Kidneys take away waste merchandise from the physique by means of urine
    • The formation of kidney stones is extra widespread in males than females
    • Kidneys assist promote bone well being by producing an lively type of vitamin D
    • Kidney stones are one of the vital widespread kidney illnesses with about 12% of the full inhabitants in India estimated to have kidney stones


What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are strong crystals that develop when dissolved minerals construct up within the kidneys. The situation primarily happens when an individual has low fluid consumption or workouts an excessive amount of or too little. Obesity, extreme weight acquire, weight reduction surgical procedure, meals with extreme salt or sugar, and a household historical past of this situation are another widespread causes of kidney stones.

The dimension of a kidney stone can range drastically. Though most kidney stones are concerning the dimension of a chickpea, they may also be as small as a grain of sand, or as large as the scale of a golf ball. While small kidney stones are simply flushed out of the physique with urine (they could trigger a bit of ache), it’s the larger ones that may give rise to extreme ache and require speedy medical consideration as they will result in different issues like urinary issues, kidney infections, or kidney failure.

In this text, you’ll get all the data it is advisable to assist you to acknowledge kidney stones, their varieties and to know what causes kidney stones. We’ll additionally focus on the chance elements related to kidney stones, prognosis, remedy, preventive measures and residential cures that may be employed to forestall the aggravation of the situation.


Symptoms of kidney stones

It is feasible to have kidney stones and lack signs till the stones begin to transfer or develop larger. The generally manifested signs embody:


    • Revolving decrease again ache that begins as a boring ache and should come and go 
    • Pain within the groin and facet of the stomach
    • Blood within the urine
    • Vomiting and nausea
    • Urinary tract an infection (UTI)
    • Frequent urge to urinate


If stones block the passage of urine, it might give rise to kidney an infection and manifest signs which embody:


    • Fever and chills attributable to an infection
    • Weakness and fatigue
    • Diarrhoea
    • Foul-smelling cloudy urine


Types of kidney stones

Kidney stones are categorized into 4 main varieties, which embody:


  • Calcium stones: Stones that develop when the kidney retains extra calcium which isn’t utilized by the physique and is neither flushed out. The retained calcium combines with different waste merchandise within the kidney and offers rise to a strong crystal, referred to as calcium oxalate.


  • Uric acid stones: The formation of those stones is a results of a scarcity of water within the physique. Urine consists of uric acid, and when the physique doesn’t have sufficient water to dilute this acid, the urine turns into extra acidic and offers rise to uric acid stones within the kidneys. 



  • Cystine stones: This is a situation wherein ‘cystine’- a substance current within the muscle groups builds up within the urine. It is uncommon and usually a hereditary situation.


Causes & threat elements of kidney stones

Kidney stones primarily happen attributable to dehydration. Some different threat elements embody


    • A household historical past of kidney stones
    • Personal historical past of kidney stones
    • A excessive protein and sodium eating regimen with a sedentary life-style
    • Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are some issues that may give rise to kidney stones
    • Pregnancy
    • Recent digestive system surgical procedure
    • A well being situation that impacts the method of calcium absorption, resembling inflammatory bowel illness (IBD) or persistent diarrhoea


Kidney stone prognosis

Various exams can reveal the presence of kidney stones, resembling:


    • A bodily examination to establish the world of ache
    • Urinalysis can expose the presence of blood or any an infection by means of a small urine pattern
    • Image testing resembling an X-ray, CT scan, or ultrasound. Image testing helps in figuring out any kind of structural modifications within the dimension of the stone. 


Kidney stone remedy & surgical procedure

The existence of stones within the kidney could cause extreme ache and should even change into a life-threatening situation by giving rise to issues resembling kidney an infection and kidney failure. Thus, it’s necessary to take preventive measures and search medical consideration upon experiencing the signs. 

The physician could advocate treatment options relying upon the severity of the situation. These embody:


    • Shock wave lithotripsy (SWL): SWL is among the most advisable kidney stone remedies wherein ultrasound waves are used to shatter the stone in order that it could simply go by means of urine.


    • Ureteroscopy: While treating kidney stones through the use of the ureteroscopy technique, the docs makes use of lasers that go by means of an extended skinny tube from the urethra to the ureter to interrupt the stones. 


Preventive measures & dwelling cures

To handle kidney stones and forestall their worsening, a health care provider could approve avoiding sure meals and advocate some dwelling cures. Here’s an inventory of them:

Foods to keep away from


    • Reduce salt and sugar consumption
    • Lower the protein consumption, primarily by means of non-vegetarian meals
    • Don’t eat aerated drinks


Some dwelling cures embody


    • Increase water consumption
    • Lemon juice
    • Basil juice
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Pomegranate juice


Note: Some over-the-counter medicines may also assist handle the situation, however it is very important think about that the medicines needs to be prescribed.


Final ideas

Kidney stone is a severe complication and it shouldn’t be left untreated or ignored. If you expertise the above-mentioned signs, we advocate you endure an early prognosis to determine the precise reason behind ache and take steps to keep away from any severe issues. By enterprise preventive measures and residential cures, you possibly can handle the aggravation of the situation and should even be capable of ease the signs.


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