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Most Women May Experience at Least One False-Positive Mammogram

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Odds are most ladies will get at least one false-positive mammogram, however, fortunately, most ladies who’re referred to as again for additional testing of a suspicious mammogram discovering don’t find yourself having most cancers in any case. 

In response to the Swiss Medical Board’s advice in opposition to ladies of any age getting routine mammograms, critics suggested that as an alternative of utterly phasing out screening packages, we must always depart it as much as every girl individually to make her personal judgement as soon as she’s totally knowledgeable in regards to the professionals and cons. “On the basis of the same information, some women will choose screening, and others will not.” I utterly agree.

When it involves medical remedies, I feel most sufferers understand there are dangers and advantages. Drugs can have side-effects, and surgical procedures can have problems. So, you make your choice based mostly on whether or not you suppose the advantages outweigh the dangers—however “patients have been taught to think differently about screening. There are no harms. It’s always good to know. It is just about gathering information. Of course you want it. It is a brain-dead decision. In reality, the truth is more nuanced. There are benefit and harms to consider in screening—just as there are in treatment.” 

“In the case of screening mammography, the most frequent harm is a false-positive result,” the place they suppose they see one thing on the scan, however after additional testing, together with extra x-rays, ultrasound, or a biopsy, it seems to be nothing. Phew! As I focus on in my video Consequences of False-Positive Mammogram Results, this could cause a “roller coaster of emotions.” Experiencing a false-positive end result might be an agonizing expertise, one which “might profoundly influence the woman’s life.” Some ladies can experience melancholy, anxiousness, and lack of sleep over it, even months later. Further, even after getting the all clear, breast most cancers worries can persist a 12 months or extra later. Beyond psychological results, in the event that they need to go in for a biopsy, the post-procedural ache can generally proceed for days or perhaps weeks, even with using native anesthesia through the process.

“These adverse consequences would be less concerning if false-positive mammograms were an uncommon event.” Unfortunately, most ladies will expertise at least one false-positive mammogram inside ten years of annual screening. The odds {that a} single mammogram will produce a false-positive in North America is just about 10 to 14 %, however that’s a lot greater than in Europe, for instance, the place it’s solely about 1 in 20 or 1 in 50. Why the discrepancy? It’s thought that American radiologists are so afraid of being sued for malpractice that the bar they use is far decrease, and that appears to be fantastic for lots of ladies. When requested, many felt it might be value it for ten thousand ladies to need to undergo false-positives if it saved one life, and this sentiment was shared by many ladies who themselves had skilled false-positive outcomes so that they had first-hand data. In reality, most ladies don’t even wish to take false-positives into consideration when deciding about screening—however some ladies do.

For some ladies, going by means of a false-alarm isn’t an enormous deal, however for others, it may be actually scary. Some ladies who have been interviewed going by means of the method have been described as being in a state of “emotional chaos” dealing with a attainable most cancers analysis. Waiting for the outcomes was notably arduous for some ladies as a result of it was continually on their minds. After it was over, many ladies have been capable of simply brush it off, whereas others experienced “persistent anxiety” despite the fact that they got the all-clear.

Studies have noted elevated anxiousness, on common, even months after being referred to as again for a suspicious mammogram that turned out to be nothing. In reality, a examine of tons of of ladies who skilled a false constructive discovered that some appeared to be struggling the results even years later. The ladies have been adopted for “a period of three years after being declared free of suspected cancer,” and the expertise nonetheless appeared to hang-out them. So, possibly we shouldn’t simply dismiss these false alarms. Regardless, ladies needs to be knowledgeable of the chance and reassured that the majority ladies who’re referred to as again for additional testing of a suspicious mammogram discovering do not find yourself having most cancers in any case. This might put their minds at ease a bit, as they undergo the method and watch for the ultimate outcomes. 

There is simply a lot confusion, mixed with the corrupting industrial pursuits of a billion-dollar trade, in the case of this subject. As with any vital well being choice, everybody needs to be totally knowledgeable of the dangers and advantages, and make up their very own thoughts about their very own our bodies. This is the fifth in my 14-part collection on mammograms. For the others, see: 


  • Critics of the Swiss Medical Board’s choice to not advocate routine breast mammograms at any age prompt that every girl ought to select whether or not to be screened or not after she’s totally knowledgeable of the professionals and cons.
  • Although most sufferers perceive prescriptions medicine can have damaging unintended effects and surgical procedures can have problems, for instance, screenings have been introduced as being benign, information-gathering instruments with out potential harms.
  • The most frequent hurt of screening mammography is a false-positive end result, which frequently results in additional testing, extra x-rays, ultrasound, or biopsy and may trigger emotional misery, even months later.
  • Most ladies will expertise at least one false-positive mammogram inside ten years of annual screening.
  • Studies have discovered elevated anxiousness months and even years after being referred to as again for a suspicious mammogram that was finally discovered to be nothing.

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In well being,

Michael Greger, M.D.

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