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The Complete Guide To HIV: Types, Symptoms & Preventions

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Contributed by: Priyaish Srivastava


Did you understand?


    • HIV and AIDS should not the identical. Though HIV is a virus that causes AIDS, nonetheless, not each HIV affected person all the time have AIDS
    • In most instances, HIV happens as a sexually transmitted an infection (STI)
    • HIV is a worldwide public well being difficulty that accounts for round 2.1 million instances in India.
    • India is house to the world’s third-largest inhabitants of individuals dwelling with HIV
    • According to a survey carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2020, the variety of HIV contaminated individuals on this planet stands between 30.2 million to 45.1 million
    • Although there isn’t any treatment for the situation, by taking preventive measures, an HIV contaminated individual can lead an extended and wholesome life


What is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is an an infection that impacts the functioning of the immune system by attacking and destroying the white blood cells known as CD4, which makes the contaminated individual immunodeficient. An HIV contaminated individual is extra vulnerable to fungal infections, tuberculosis, micro organism infections, and it might probably even result in the event of some varieties of most cancers. 

The final or most superior stage of HIV is ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’, generally referred to as AIDS. The situation may give rise to extreme long-term sicknesses together with sure cancers when the contaminated individual doesn’t take measures to handle HIV.

Currently, there isn’t any treatment for HIV, however the ray of hope is that those that are contaminated can nonetheless stay longer, be more healthy, and shield their companions by taking preventive measures to handle the situation.

This article will take you thru the HIV associated three levels & their early indicators, transmission, danger elements, and important preventive measures that may assist management HIV.


Early indicators and three levels of HIV

The manifestation of indicators of HIV largely relies on the stage of an infection. When the an infection is left untreated, it steadily aggravates. Thus, to gradual or hinder the development of HIV an infection, one ought to search medical help to manage the proper remedy and take precautionary measures. The three levels of HIV embody:


Acute HIV an infection


    • Infected individuals are likely to have a excessive density of HIV of their blood throughout this stage
    • Most persons are unaware of their situation till the following stage, whereas nonetheless being closely contaminated
    • People might manifest flu-like signs together with cough, fever, headache, rash, or sore throat
    • If you manifest flu-like signs and there are probabilities that you’ve been uncovered to HIV, seek the advice of your healthcare supplier instantly
    • Getting recognized is the one solution to establish acute HIV an infection to forestall the exacerbation of the illness


Chronic HIV an infection


    • Also termed ‘Asymptomatic HIV Infection’, on this stage the development of an infection turns into gradual. In different phrases, the blood nonetheless accommodates HIV, however the tempo of replica is gradual
    • The manifestation of any symptom is uncommon on this stage
    • This stage might final for a decade or perhaps longer, however with out taking medicines, individuals can enter the third stage early
    • There are probabilities that the stage might not progress with common medicines
    • The signs start to manifest because the stage ends and the contaminated individual strikes to the third stage. This occurs as a result of the viral hundreds within the blood assault the immune system, rising HIV ranges within the blood and reducing the depend of CD4 (WBC) concurrently


Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)


    • AIDS is probably the most extreme stage of HIV
    • The situation denotes that the immune system of the HIV contaminated individual is badly broken and the individual is vulnerable to extreme opportunistic infections
    • Opportunistic infections are sicknesses that happen often in an HIV contaminated individual. This consists of a number of illnesses reminiscent of tuberculosis, lymphoma, pneumonia, and invasive cervical most cancers
    • People obtain AIDS diagnoses in the event that they manifest opportunistic infections
    • The survival charge with out correct AIDS remedy could be very low


How is HIV transmitted?

Anyone can contract HIV, even a mom can transmit the virus to her youngster throughout being pregnant. The virus is transmitted by way of bodily fluids, which embody:


    • Blood
    • Semen
    • Vaginal and rectal fluids
    • Breast milk


HIV can’t be transmitted by atypical day-to-day contact, together with:


    • Kissing
    • Hugging
    • Shaking fingers
    • Sharing private objects, meals, or water


Eye-opening danger elements

Risk elements that improve the prospect of contracting HIV are associated to the behaviours and circumstances of a person. It consists of:


    • Unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse (the most typical approach of transmission)
    • Any pre-existing sexually transmitted disease (STD) like syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, or bacterial vaginosis
    • Sharing contaminated needles, different injecting tools, and drug options
    • Receiving unsafe blood transfusions, organ transplants, injections, piercing, tattooing, and so on. 


Vital preventive measures of HIV

Limiting publicity to the danger elements of HIV an infection may help stop and management the virus. These embody:


    • Taking preventive measures to eradicate the probabilities of mom to youngster transmission, reminiscent of antiretroviral remedy (ART)
    • Use condoms throughout intercourse
    • Not taking or injecting medicine
    • Regular analysis and counselling for HIV and STI
    • Using prescribed antiretroviral medicine (ARVs) for prevention
    • Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC)


Final ideas

Although HIV is a persistent and incurable situation, it might probably nonetheless be managed by consulting a health care provider and taking the prescribed steps for efficient HIV administration. As talked about above, the ailment entails three levels and all of them otherwise, however severely influence your well being. The finest solution to management HIV is by getting recognized and taking preventive measures.


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