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How Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight

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Liking, following, and scrolling might not measure as much as a HIIT session, however don’t promote social media brief as a weight-loss software: Sharing before-and-after pictures on Instagram, and posting on Facebook and Twitter is likely to be the additional oomph it is advisable to drop extra pounds.

How Can Social Media Tip the Scale in Your Favor?

An estimated seven out of each 10 Americans use social media usually, based on 2017 Pew Research Center data.

As the road between of digital and the actual world more and more blurs, research present that social media can have a huge effect in your day by day life — in good and dangerous methods.

While social media generally is a time-suck and painting unrealistic body ideals, there are advantages when tech time is used strategically and in a optimistic means.

For instance, one research exhibits that folks in on-line weight-loss communities who shared their scale progress and actively engaged with their social community dropped 8.3 p.c of their physique weight, in comparison with a 4.1 p.c lack of those that stored their numbers to themselves.

“Social media can be a powerful tool in getting to know others who are on similar journeys, we can feel extremely motivated seeing others take steps toward and reach success, and it holds us accountable to our mindset and actions, thus facilitating behavior change,” says Ariane Machin, PhD., scientific psychologist and co-founder of the Conscious Coaching Collective.

How to Swipe, Tap, Click Your Way to Weight Loss

If you’re among the many app aficionados and gadget groupies utilizing social media on the day by day, placing the favored tech platforms on process to realize physique targets is a no brainer.

But with greater than 165,000 well being apps tallied in 2015 by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, to not point out the countless number of social apps, realizing the place to begin can you allow you feeling disconnected.

Before you get began, try these dos and don’ts of constructing social media a part of your weight-loss technique.

DO: Share your targets

When you solely need to be trustworthy with your self on the finish of the day, willpower can simply (and quickly) fall to the wayside. Want to stay with that purpose? Share it with others.

Dr. Gail Matthews, psychology professor at Dominican University of California discovered 70 p.c of 267 research individuals accomplished a purpose or have been greater than midway there once they despatched weekly updates to a buddy.

The success price dropped to 35 p.c for individuals who didn’t write down their targets or share them with others.

In addition to sharing your targets on social media, running a blog can result in large weight-loss wins. In a survey printed within the journal Translational Behavioral Medicine, 194 individuals reported a mean 42.3 pound weight reduction since they started sharing their journey on-line.

While extra analysis is required to discover the “what” that makes weight reduction work for bloggers, publishing posts is sweet instance of sharing your targets with others, which helps to carry your self accountable. Additionally, readers will seemingly establish with the highs and lows of your progress, commenting with useful ideas and motivating tales of their very own.

DO: Build help

When the going will get powerful, the powerful get cheerleaders. Ideally, your squad would include shut family and friends members, however don’t overlook the folks you meet on-line as nicely.

Relationship drama can play a sophisticated position when asking for help, so typically those that are extra impartial — even folks you’ve by no means met in individual — might help inspire you towards large wins.

Not positive the place to hunt help outdoors of individuals near you? Tap into Twitter. People tweeting weight-loss progress updates discovered extra encouragement from their followers than they did their family and friends IRL.

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DO: Find your tribe

Your mother and bestie is likely to be there to cheer you on, however that doesn’t imply they need to prepare with you for a triathalon.

Joining on-line teams that share your pursuits and targets, resembling Beachbody On Demand’s Facebook groupchallenge page, and message boards, means having the ability to ask questions, get skilled recommendation, and even discover your subsequent exercise buddy.

“In a group of similar others, everyone is working toward a similar goal, which can increase motivation and efforts more than we would be applying otherwise,” says Machin. “Being part of an online group can also help you learn different strategies in mindset, nutrition, and exercise that can help you experience your weight-loss journey in different ways.”

DO: Check in

If logging each chew you are taking and step you make feels cumbersome, take a child step by checking in. Whether you’re bodily sweating it out in group class or simply placing within the work from home in your basement, let others know by way of a submit, tweet, or location replace. The extra comfy you change into with the method, the simpler it is going to be to take the following digital monitoring steps.

DO: Track your efforts

Once you’re able to up your digital-tracking recreation, apps make it straightforward. Just as Portion Fix containers can take the guesswork out correct parts, apps just like the 21 Day Fix Tracker can consider your exercises and meals consumption to be sure you’re not consuming too little or an excessive amount of to fulfill your targets.

It might appear to be numerous work at first, however the information it offers about tips on how to tweak your program to suit your wants is price the additional time.

DO: Switch issues up

When the physique does the identical factor again and again, plateaus are positive to comply with. Social media is the right place to get recipe and exercise concepts when your weekly routine is falling flat.

You may do that by asking for concepts from these in a on-line teams and boards, or you may make the social media rather less social by looking and scrolling Pinterest. Avoid getting inundated (and distracted by unrelated posts) by discovering superb recipe, meal prep, health, and motivational pins on Beachbody’s Pinterest Page.


DO: Find motivation

“Know you won’t always feel motivated and plan for it,” says Machin. “What types of obstacles might you encounter? How can you work through it? When you plan for those times, you can better buffer and work through your goals to be consistent (and thus, increase your likelihood of reaching goals).”

Motivation seems totally different for everybody. If you’re keen on a very good empowerment meme, Pinterest and Instagram are an ideal place to seek out and retailer photographs to recall once you’re feeling low on vitality.

Another nice supply of motivation? Your tribe. Everyone wants a very good kick within the pants every now and then, and individuals who’ve been there executed that can know simply the motivating phrases to get you again within the weight reduction recreation.

DO: Celebrate wins

Progress pics and health club PRs are virtually made for sharing on social media. Post your thrilling information, and others will probably be blissful to provide the pat in your again you deserve.

“Enjoy the process you’re on and don’t just focus on the end point,” suggests Machin. “Identify ‘wins’ throughout the journey to stay motivated and be proud (as you should be!). Then share the success as you celebrate others’ wins as well!”

How Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight

Beware of Social Media Saboteurs

For all of the weight-loss wins social media can supply, it’s straightforward to fall prey to the negativity that may come from making your non-public life a bit of extra public. Keep the progress optimistic by avoiding these frequent pitfalls:

DON’T: Compare your self to others

Your journey is your individual and evaluating your self to others will solely set you again as an alternative of propel you ahead.

“Looking at others’ before/after pictures, other women’s bodies, etc., can facilitate being more critical of your own body size and shape and enhance your risk for disordered eating, negative mood, low self-esteem, etc.,” says Machin, who provides a wide range of on-line mindfulness applications like The Food Shift to assist people with physique picture issues and disordered consuming.

“People can feel ashamed of themselves, their bodies, their progress in an online group/culture when there are a lot of other people to compare themselves. They might feel less than, as though they do not meet ‘body ideals,’ and worthless. Instead of the group helping them, it may contribute to another failure in their minds,” she explains.

DON’T: Listen to the trolls

“When you put yourself out there, there will always be people who want to criticize you (even when it makes absolutely no sense),” says Machin.

“Know that if you do put yourself out there, you might get negative or inappropriate responses. Give yourself permission to delete comments or make a private account to limit access to those you know. Know you are in charge of your privacy and can decide what works best for you.”

The Bottom Line

You may spend all day each day monitoring your weight reduction, posting progress pics, chatting in boards, pinning new recipes, compiling exercise playlists and so forth — however all of that isn’t the primary level.

Social media ought to assist complement your targets — not be the primary focus. Spending an excessive amount of time on social media may imply staying sedentary for too lengthy, however extra importantly it normally means lacking out on actual life. Virtual life has its benefits, however don’t let it change into a alternative on your precise life, experiences, and relationships.

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