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Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Fertility?

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What is the impact of mobile phone radiation on sperm motility and DNA injury?

“Are men talking their reproductive health away?” There have been “unexplained declines in semen quality reported in several countries.” Might cell telephones be taking part in a job? “Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from these devices could potentially affect sperm development and function.” The mobile phone trade bristles on the “R word,” preferring the extra innocuous-sounding “RF-EMFs” to radiation. It does have some extent, although, about “radiation” being utilized by snake-oil hucksters of “radiation protection” devices. Radiation needn’t be atomic-bomb gamma rays. It can simply be the nice and cozy glow of sunshine in your face, which is radiation, too. The query is: Does the precise kind of radiation emitted by cell telephones have an effect on male fertility? I talk about this in my video Do Cell Phones Lower Sperm Counts?.

After the “World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared that cell phones…[could possibly] cause brain cancer,” many switched to hands-free gadgets, protecting their telephones of their pants and utilizing Bluetooth or different know-how—away from the mind, however “close to the gonads.” Researchers put all of the research collectively, together with practically 1,500 semen samples, and located that “exposure to mobile phones was associated with reduced sperm motility…and viability,” although not essentially sperm focus.

How a lot was their swimming means affected? Sperm motility seemed to be about 8 p.c decrease, however that alone could not really translate into lowered fertility until you’re beginning out with a marginal sperm depend. It may be higher to avoid protecting an lively mobile phone close to your crotch “in a trouser pocket for long periods of time,” particularly in the event you’re a person who already has fertility issues. Cell cellphone publicity may simply be one in every of plenty of “modern day environmental exposures” that might add up. For instance, Wi-Fi could also be a difficulty. Researchers got semen samples from greater than a thousand males, and “the total number of motile sperm…were decreased in a group who used a wireless internet compared with ones who used the wired internet.” 

These had been all observational research, although. Maybe males who use Wi-Fi simply are inclined to smoke extra, or perhaps they journey extra horses, and that’s the explanation for the obvious hyperlink. You don’t know…till you place it to the check. Unfortunately, most of the research had been carried out on rats. While the microwaves emitted from a mobile phone don’t seem to have an effect on rat testicles, it may be argued which you can’t essentially extrapolate from these animal fashions, since, for instance, their scrotums are “non pendulous,” which means their testicles are extra inside reasonably than swinging round outdoors their our bodies. 

“Until proven otherwise, it is recommended that those with subfertility issues” could not wish to keep their cell telephones of their entrance pants pocket “in close proximity to the testicles. Even when not in use, mobile phones emit radiation periodically,” to maintain pinging their location. Main publicity is throughout discuss mode, nonetheless, when the system should stay within the pocket, due to headsets or Bluetooth. What occurs if you then have it in proximity to different widespread steel objects? I present a cross-section at crotch degree at 3:02 in my video. You could have a steel zipper in your trousers and a key ring, alongside together with your cellphone, in your pocket. “When all three objects were added, the SAR [the amount of radiation absorbed] in both the leg and in the testicles was generally increased and approximately doubled…” 

That’s solely an issue if the radiation really damages sperm, although. Can’t somebody design a examine the place you merely wave a mobile phone over some human sperm in a Petri dish to see if there’s a difficulty? Researchers did simply that and, as you possibly can see at 3:35 in my video, found considerably extra DNA fragmentation in sperm uncovered to mobile phone radiation, beginning inside an hour of publicity. This is such a dramatic impact that they counsel ladies won’t wish to pocket their telephones for just a few days after making an attempt to get pregnant, in order to not put the sperm at additional danger. 


  • Unexplained declines in semen high quality have been reported in a number of international locations, and radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from cell telephones could play a job.
  • After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that cell telephones could trigger mind most cancers, many switched to hands-free gadgets and started utilizing Bluetooth or different know-how whereas protecting their telephones of their pants, away from the mind. Researchers discovered publicity to cell phones to be related to lowered sperm motility and viability, however not essentially sperm focus.
  • Wi-Fi use may cut back the full variety of motile sperm.
  • Research is on-going however, till confirmed in any other case, it has been advisable that males with subfertility points could not wish to hold their cell phone of their entrance pants pocket close to the testicles.
  • Main radiation publicity is throughout discuss mode, however cell phones nonetheless periodically emit radiation when not in use.
  • When a cell phone and a typical steel object, equivalent to keys or a steel pants zipper, are in shut proximity, the quantity of radiation absorbed within the leg and within the testicles roughly doubled.
  • Researchers discovered considerably extra DNA fragmentation in sperm uncovered to mobile phone radiation, beginning inside one hour of publicity. The impact is so dramatic that they counsel ladies won’t wish to put their cell phones in their very own pockets for just a few days after making an attempt to get pregnant, in order to not put the sperm at additional danger.

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