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Blueberry Blocking Effects of Yogurt

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What occurred when researchers tried to tease out what’s in dairy that interferes with the well being advantages of berries and tea?

A trio of Harvard research that followed greater than 100,000 ladies for greater than a decade discovered that these consuming essentially the most anthocyanins—the brightly coloured pigments present in blueberries, strawberries, and different berries—had an 8 % discount in danger of creating hypertension. Great, however what number of berries? As you’ll be able to see at 0:22 in my video Benefits of Blueberries for Blood Pressure May Be Blocked by Yogurt, these within the group consuming essentially the most berries day-after-day have been solely consuming about 6 strawberries or simply 11 blueberries, which is a couple of tenth of a cup. Maybe the most important berry eaters simply occurred to produce other wholesome habits that have been the actual motive they did higher? After all, you’re in all probability extra prone to sprinkle blueberries on oatmeal than on bacon and eggs. Yes, however the researchers managed for intakes of complete grains, fiber, and salt, in addition to smoking and train habits and a quantity of different elements, but the obvious berry profit nonetheless remained. You don’t know for certain about the advantages of berries, although, till you place it to the take a look at. 

The title of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled medical trial offers away the thrilling conclusion: “Daily Blueberry Consumption Improves Blood Pressure.” But how will you do a double-blind trial with a meals? How are you able to convincingly create a faux blueberry? A blueberry placebo? In this examine, the researchers used complete blueberries—a couple of cup’s price—however powdered them. A glance-alike placebo powder had the identical quantity of sugar and energy as the actual blueberries however with out the precise blueberries. As you’ll be able to see at 1:26 in my video, these within the placebo management group had no actual change over the eight-week examine. They began out with a blood strain of 138 over 79 and ended up with 139 over 80. Those in the actual blueberry group, although, skilled a big drop, going from 138 over 80 right down to 131 over 75. Now, a systolic blood strain degree of 131 continues to be too excessive; you’d wish to see it go down a minimum of to 120 and even 110. So, blueberries alone might not treatment you. However, the truth that you will get a clinically vital enchancment in a killer illness simply “by the addition of a single dietary component” to your food regimen is kind of spectacular.

Is extra higher? What about twice the dose? More like two cups of recent blueberries a day. Researchers found the identical type of vital drop, as you’ll be able to see at 2:09 in my video, however rising the quantity didn’t appear to make the blueberries work any higher. So, one cup could also be all we want. Even lower than a cup may go too, however we don’t know as a result of it’s by no means been examined. 

Overall, there have been 5 interventional research thus far on the consequences of blueberry supplementation on blood strain. Put all of the research collectively, and the outcomes do not show any medical efficacy. Wait, how may this be the case? I simply mentioned two research that produced a stunning impact. Have I been cherry-picking research—or quite, berry-picking them? If you learn the papers intently, the blueberries within the two research that detected a big impact have been ready with water. The researchers merely blended the blueberry powder with water. “However, the blueberries in the non-significant effect were prepared with yogurt and skim milk-based smoothie…”

You might bear in mind from a video I produced about eight years in the past, Nutrient-Blocking Effects of Dairy, that mentioned how the absorption of berry vitamins will be blocked by dairy. As you’ll be able to see at 3:09, when you combine strawberries with water, you get a pleasant peak in strawberry phytonutrients in your bloodstream inside hours of consumption. But, when you as an alternative go for strawberries with cream—mixing the identical quantity of strawberries with milk as an alternative of water—considerably much less of their phytonutrients make it into your system. “The inhibitory effects of milk may be due to…interaction of anthocyanins [the berry pigments] and milk proteins.” Does milk make the identical factor occur with blueberries? 

Indeed, the antioxidant exercise of blueberries was discovered to impaired by milk. In the examine, volunteers ate a cup and a half of blueberries with both water or milk. As you’ll be able to see at 3:48 in my video, the milk blocked the absorption of some phytonutrients, however not others. So, did it actually matter that a lot? After consuming blueberries with water, there have been spikes within the antioxidants discovered within the bloodstream, however fewer with milk. When you have a look at the overall antioxidant capability of the bloodstream, you see that when you eat blueberries with water, antioxidant energy shoots up inside an hour and stays elevated 5 hours later. With milk, you’d suppose there may be much less of a bump. In truth, there wasn’t simply much less of a bump, however much less total—lower than the place the examine members had even began out! The examine topics ate a complete bowl of blueberries and ended up with much less antioxidant capability simply because they ate them with milk. No surprise mixing blueberries with yogurt or milk might abolish the blood strain–decreasing advantages. 

Interestingly, full-fat milk might inhibit nutrient absorption essentially the most, much like what one finds by including milk to tea. We’re speaking about twice the discount in in vitro antioxidant values with complete milk in contrast with skim milk, which is odd as a result of we all the time thought it was the milk protein that was the wrongdoer. This, nonetheless, suggests there could also be some nutrient-blocking involvement from the dairy fats as properly. 


  • Three Harvard research adopted greater than 100 thousand ladies for a decade and located that these consuming essentially the most berries (and thereby essentially the most anthocyanins, berries’ brightly coloured pigments) every day had an 8 % decrease danger of creating hypertension, and the portions have been solely about 6 strawberries or 11 blueberries a day.
  • Even after controlling for different elements, corresponding to intakes of complete grains, fiber, and salt, and smoking and train habits, the profit from frequently consuming berries remained.
  • In an eight-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled medical trial, members within the placebo management group had no actual change in blood strain, however these in the actual blueberry group, who obtained a couple of cup’s price of blueberries a day unbeknownst to them, skilled a big drop, from 138 over 80 right down to 131 over 75.
  • Two cups of recent blueberries a day gave the identical type of vital drop, however doubling the quantity didn’t make the blueberries work any higher than having only one cup.
  • Mixing blueberries with dairy, corresponding to yogurt or skim milk, nonetheless, doesn’t end in any medical efficacy, as dairy has been proven to dam the absorption of berry vitamins.
  • Comparing the antioxidant exercise of blueberries with both water or milk, researchers discovered spikes within the antioxidants within the bloodstream after consuming blueberries with water, however berries with dairy not solely resulted in much less of a bump however truly ended up with much less antioxidant capability than earlier than they’d began. The milk appeared to eradicate the blood pressure-lowering advantages of the blueberries, and full-fat milk might inhibit nutrient absorption essentially the most.

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In well being,

Michael Greger, M.D.

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